Zscaler partners with Global Cloud Xchange

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Zscaler partners with Global Cloud Xchange

Partnership will accelerate the adoption and deployment of Cloud services by enterprises and new media companies

Zscaler, the Internet security company, and Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, today announced a partnership that combines GCX’s managed security solutions with Zscaler’s Internet Security Platform, which GCX will offer to enterprises and new media companies across the globe.

Traditionally employees worked from fixed locations, accessing systems running in corporate data centres. Now that employees are increasingly working outside of the office on mobile devices and with greater adoption of consumer public and private cloud applications, security appliances have become “blind” to the majority of today’s Internet activity – creating major security gaps.

To keep pace with organisations rapidly migrating to the cloud, GCX has further enhanced the performance and scale of its network by combining it with Zscaler’s Internet Security Platform, to provide security for the ‘Everywhere Enterprise’. This enhancement to GCX’s existing portfolio of managed security solutions will make it safe for organisations worldwide to deploy new, cost-effective cloud services in ever evolving IT environments.

”As enterprises continue to mobilise and expand into new geographic markets, they require a consistent and secure environment that is both reliable and agile enough to face Twenty-first Century threats,” said Braham Singh, SVP of Global Product Management, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) & Global Cloud Xchange.

“By partnering with Zscaler, we further enhance our security offerings, enabling enterprises to secure corporate data and intellectual property from cyber threats while maximising their security investment. This is an important milestone in our commitment to deliver improved security and threat visibility to businesses worldwide.”

Craig Hicks-Fraser, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Zscaler explains:

“The 1990’s idea of using security appliances installed in a data centre no longer makes sense now that employees are predominantly working with cloud and mobile applications. If your applications are moving to the cloud, your security must also be in the cloud to keep your organisation safe.”

The combined approach from GCX and Zscaler’s Security as a Service platform allows organisations to:

  • Deploy unified, dynamic and inline security that can inspect all employee traffic to and from the Internet
  • Provide sandboxing and advanced persistent threat (APT) protection that blocks the most dangerous threats before they reach company networks
  • Guarantee key business application performance over managed network by dynamically selecting the best network path using real-time measurement of traffic conditions, availability and application characteristics
  • Deliver complete visibility on application usage and performance over the managed network

Craig Hicks-Frazer concludes:

“By working together with GCX, we have an opportunity to deliver advanced Internet security to large enterprises and new media companies as they look towards the cloud to improve the productivity and agility of their organisations.”

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