Zscaler Internet Security Platform simplifies your Office 365 deployment

Zscaler Internet Security Platform simplifies your Office 365 deployment

Zscaler Internet Security Platform simplifies your Office 365 deployment

The Zscaler™ Internet Security Platform enables organisations to safely embrace the fast-growing cloud-based applications through local Internet breakout points for improved performance and reduced administration efforts

Zscaler, a leading cloud security provider, helps companies transform their network architecture to support the fast implementation and secure operation of cloud applications such as Office 365. The Zscaler one-click deployment option simplifies the implementation of Office 365 by automatically performing the necessary configurations, so customers can seamlessly switch this application to the cloud. It enables organisations to maximise their investment in Office 365, while it enables end-users to benefit from high-performance access achieved through secure, local Internet breakouts.

Today, many organisations still rely on their traditional hub-and-spoke network infrastructures for secure Internet access. Traffic is routed from remote and branch locations back through security appliances in a central location before being able to break out to the Internet for cloud access. This results in a slower user experience and higher MPLS bandwidth costs, undermining the benefits of an Office 365 deployment while encouraging users to circumvent security measures in the name of speed.

Zscaler Internet Security Platform simplifies your Office 365 deployment

Zscaler peers with major content providers such as Microsoft and have peering with Microsoft’s 14 major fiber termination hubs across the globe to reduce latency and improve user experience. Zscaler is uniquely set up to address potential performance issues, as it allows Office 365 to be routed directly to the cloud through local Internet breakouts, eliminating the need for expensive backhauling and additional appliances. Instead, Office 365 traffic is automatically prioritised over streaming media and non-critical traffic to ensure employees enjoy uninterrupted access to critical business applications.

With the Office 365 one-click configuration feature, the Zscaler service automatically configures SSL and authentication exception rules required for the service to seamlessly support Office 365 traffic. Additionally, Zscaler monitors the Office 365 IP addresses and URLs, fingerprints the app, and adjusts configurations accordingly, thereby removing the need for IT teams to manually intervene and saving time configuring those exceptions manually on each firewall and egress router.

“Businesses are looking to adopt cloud and mobile-first strategies to improve the agility and productivity of their workforce. Backhauling traffic to the datacentre to carry out security checks flies in the face of that strategy, slowing down network performance and ramping up bandwidth costs,” said Andy Kennedy, Sales Engineering Manager, UK & Ireland at Zscaler.

“With Zscaler’s platform, businesses can avoid costly detours and enjoy the true benefits of the Office 365 solution.”

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