Zoomifier Corporation to present seminar at PODi’s AppForum 2013 in Las Vegas

As one of the leading forums in the digital print industry, AppForum 2013 was pleased to announce Chetan Saiya, CEO of Zoomifier Corporation as one of its speakers. Entitled ‘Tablets: Are you taking advantage of the opportunity?’ this informative seminar will introduce the boom in Tablet Devices and how businesses use this to strengthen sales and marketing efforts.

Exploring the use of mobile technologies in both the consumer and business arena, the seminar will pay a lot of attention to the value of mobile technologies to a business and delivering closed loop marketing, increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts and demonstrating ROI on marketing activities, which has previously proved a difficult task.

AppForum 2013 is taking place from January 28th to January 30th 2013. Chetan Saiya will be delivering his seminar on day 2 of the event at 2:30pm. With a wealth of speakers and thought leaders in attendance at the show, it is the place to be for people in the digital print industry and those looking to revolutionise that area of their business. Chetan comments;

“With the huge increase in adoption of mobile technologies, including tablet devices, businesses now have a unique opportunity to transform their traditional marketing collateral into measurable digital content. For the first time, closed loop marketing is a real possibility, with marketing and sales professionals now able to gain more insights into their efforts than ever before.

I am delighted to be giving this seminar at App Forum and hope it will give attendees a real insight into the adoption of mobile technologies and how they can be used to maximise the effectiveness of marketing and sales teams.”

The event comes one month after the launch of Zoomifier, a solution that helps businesses better engage customers, by transforming traditional sales and marketing collateral into engaging and measureable mobile content.



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