ZiuZ introduces the Strix®

ZiuZ Visual Intelligence (ZiuZ) has announced the general availability of its unique HD quality day and night observation video camera. The camera, named Strix®, will help police and other public safety organisations in their ability to see and record crystal clear video images, making it possible to identify people and number plates even in pitch dark.

The Strix® camera made its worldwide debut today at the Interpol World Expo & Conference at the Sands Centre in Singapore. This event organized by INTERPOL – the world’s largest international police organisation with 190 member countries – serves as a business platform for security manufacturers and service providers to offer innovative security solutions to law enforcement agencies, government officials and security professionals from the commercial sectors.

“We have been working on and testing our unique camera now for over two years, and launching it here today at Interpol World marks the start of our worldwide sales”, said Bert Garlich, Business Manager for Strix® at ZiuZ. “We are thrilled to be able to show the first static observation camera in the world that works based on image intensification”.

Best of both worlds in stealth mode
With the unique Strix® camera it is possible to capture and record images in high resolution. Not just during daytime and with good lighting conditions, but also at night because the camera is equipped with a revolutionary night vision that uses high-grade military technology. Due to the Photonis XR5TM tube, Strix® delivers HD quality video images even in the darkest of the night. Enlighten a scene with infrared is not necessary, which means the Strix® can operate in full stealth mode during covert operations. Furthermore, the camera is equipped with enhanced Bright Source Protection functionalities reduce any ghosting or halo effect. Fierce sources of light that come into a scene will not have any negative effect on the quality of the recordings. As a bonus, with only 4 Watt of power consumption, the Strix® is extremely low power and it has an EF mount to which a variety of lenses can be attached.

Strix® has been developed especially for covert video observations, but it can be used in a far wider scope: in all situations for observation and surveillance in which there is very low (artificial) light available.

That is because such light simply isn’t there, like at sea or in rural areas, or because you don’t want to add artificial light like in nature. The all-digital camera will give 24×7 HD quality video images, automatically switching between the day sensor and the special night sensor.

In combination with the ZiuZ VampireTM, an intelligent digital video recorder and processor, large quantities of high quality video material provided by the Strix® can be recorded, analysed and looked back without any problem very fast.

As of today, the Strix camera is available through selected resellers in Asia – Pacific, Africa and Europe. Later this year, it will also be available in the rest of the world.


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