ZigBee wireless products for ‘smart’ buildings

Zigbee_thumbsZigBee is the latest, advanced wireless technology being built into millions of home automation & smart energy devices worldwide. Lights, thermostats, alarms, fridges, doors, appliances, utility meters – all are being ZigBee enabled, and this is why the technology is often referred to as “The Internet of Things”.

ZigBee is the name of an alliance of companies formed around IEEE’s 802.15.4 specification for low data rates in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) radio bands. The ZigBee protocol promises to provide longer battery life and to be a lower-cost alternative to Bluetooth for wireless sensing and control application

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The NPort Z2150 series are 1-port RS-232/422/485 to ZigBee converters and the NPort Z3150 series a ZigBee-to-Ethernet gateway.. These new wireless solutions can bring Ethernet connectivity to serial devices via a ZigBee network. ZigBee is a wireless mesh network standard suitable for covering a wide areas. According to research conducted by NPD In-Stat (http://www.instat.com), revenue of this highly reliable, relatively inexpensive, and low power-consuming technology will likely approach $1 Billion in 2015. To meet the growing demand of ZigBee solutions, the NPort Z2150/Z3150 series, which are IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee-compliant, provide wireless solutions with 128-bit AES hardware encryption.

Wide-temperature models of the NPort Z2150 series can operate in environments ranging from -40 to 75°C and features a rugged metal housing to ensure reliable performance for use in Industrial automation, building automation(HVAC), and smart grid(power meter) applications.

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ZigBee is a wireless protocol that was developed as an International standard to enable wireless, machine to machine communication, and networks. It is considered the catalyst for constructing “Smart” enabled buildings and homes since it is based on reliable network communications, a pro-longed battery life, and can be simply operated.

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