Zaun enhances ArmaWeave with ability to rake and PIDs

Zaun enhances ArmaWeave with ability to rake and PIDs

Zaun enhances ArmaWeave with ability to rake and PIDs

The most intruder resistant fence on the high security market can now be raked across undulations in ground levels, after manufacturer Zaun working in partnership on a project developed an installation method to make best use of the properties of the high security fabric.

The ArmaWeave fencing – which is unique to Zaun, as is the ability to rake it – is produced on the world’s largest mesh weaving machine at the company’s West Midlands manufacturing base.

It limits the need for stepping panels on slopes and reduces installation costs significantly compared with standard welded mesh systems, while still conforming to the highest rated standards for fencing products defending against forcible attack.

Zaun co-founder and director Alastair Henman says:

“We had to invest in the weaving machine ahead of the sales in the belief we could produce an innovative product installers, specifiers and high security facility managers would want.”

ArmaWeave is tested to the very highest standards and can be combined with other intruder systems, electronics and access control to create the optimum integrated fencing solution.

Its unique properties add substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools.  The tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

In a further development, it has been approved for use with a range of microphonic PID cable systems after testing for many months at an MoD facility.

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