Zada completes CCTV refurbishment at The Oracle, Reading

After 13 years of vigorous use, the original AMG transmission solution has been upgraded to cutting edge technology.

Zada, who specialise in security & surveillance solutions for high footfall places, such as shopping centers, have completed the refurbishment and upgrade of the security & surveillance solution at The Oracle, Reading.

Oracle Food Festival in 2012

Adam Parsonson-Smith, Technical Director of Zada said, “AMG installed the original transmission solution in The Oraclein 1999 and Zada has enjoyed an excellent relationship with AMG over the years. Their support of The Oracle has been flawless, with very quick turnaround time on repairs, and it bears testament to the quality of AMG’s equipment that the original solution has worked incredibly well for the past 13 years. When we embarked on the refurbishment project, it was evident that the AMG transmission solution had passed ‘the longevity test’, and an upgrade would be in order. I can emphatically state, that we have been very happy with our working relationship with AMG throughout the upgrade project. They’ve been on the ball with everything, from quotations, to supplying, and answering any technical queries. AMG also helped us find the best solution, and the most appropriate route, for doing the upgrade with minimum down time. In fact, we’re so happy with AMG’s products, that Zada habitually offer our clients 5 year business plans with a maintenance contract which also covers the AMG transmission equipment – as is the case with The Oracle.”

Dr Alan Hayes – AMG Systems

Dr. Alan Hayes, Founder and MD of AMG Group, commented, “I was part of the AMG team involved with the original implementation of CCTV, at The Oracle in 1999. It’s a project we always been very proud of, and we’ve featured it on our website as a major reference site ever since. The fact that Zada asked us to supply the equipment for the refurbishment, has given us the opportunity to upgrade the solution to the latest AMG technology, and further future proof, what was a great solution in the first place.”

The Oracle has 3 core fibre optic rooms; river side car park, north sat room and south sat room, bringing all of the analogue pictures to three central points. From there, the images are brought back to the control room. Currently the solution has 188 cameras. Zada also took the opportunity to design a fibre optic back bone for the Site, to future proof for any Future HD network cameras on the Shopping Centre entry doors. It took only 2 days to upgrade the system, due to Zada and AMG working closely together and deciding how the upgrade could best be facilitated.


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