York Council in new merger of CCTV surveillance networks

The City of York Council has announced plans to merge its CCTV networks onto one platform in order to create a more efficient overall service.

Working with partners CityFibre and Pinaci Solutions, the Council aims to extend its current fibre network and ensure York as the most digitally-connected city in Europe by 2015.

A total of more than 200 cameras throughout the Council’s three CCTV networks will be connected to a new purpose-built control room, with scope for further expansion across new sites and control stations.

Currently a majority of cameras around the city are linked to the existing fibre network, with this latest expansion hoped to bring a number of benefits to York and its residents.

By bringing the city’s three CCTV surveillance networks onto one platform, the Council hopes to achieve increased cost-efficiency and also improved control, manageability and flexibility.

James Alexander, leader of York City Council, said: “We are already seeing the benefits of merging our CCTV networks by having a more efficient and flexible service.

“This work is part of a wider programme intended to boost York’s economic competitiveness, transform the delivery of public services across the city and enhance the quality of life for our residents”

This adds to another recent announcement that York’s central area was getting a new £200,000 makeover, which the Council outlined included new lighting to “provide clearer and more easily identifiable coverage” for York’s CCTV camera network. .

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