Y-cam provides over 200 IP cameras for Domino’s Pizza across the UK and Ireland

Y-Cam - Dominos Pizza
Y-Cam - Dominos Pizza

Y-Cam - Dominos Pizza

Y-cam Solutions Ltd, the leading provider of affordable and easy-to-use remote monitoring products, have helped Domino’s Pizza protect their 600 company and franchised stores across the UK and Ireland with over 200 IP cameras.

Domino’s Pizza is a world renowned pizza delivery organisation that is responsible for delivering the best possible service to their store managers and franchisees, ensuring that their businesses are run to the highest efficiency whilst maintaining the reputation of a quality brand.  As part of this, Domino’s need to ensure that each store is a safe and secure environment, equipped with a first-class security solution.

The installation consisted of over 200 Y-cam cameras located in 120 stores across the UK and Ireland, and installed by Domino’s in-house IT team, utilising the organisations existing CCTV infrastructure – running through iCode i-Catcher monitoring software.

Naz Ahmed, IT Installation Manger for Domino’s Pizza, explained; “Staff work throughout the day and night – unsociable hours. This opens up stores to a number of threats, which is heightened due to the opening hours and the areas that some stores are located. They tend to get a bit of trouble, especially with the late night trade, so to ensure the safety of the customers and staff we have cameras installed.”

Y-cam cameras are at the forefront of monitoring technology, and Domino’s have utilised their versatile features to perfectly the match requirements of each store installation – using indoor and outdoor models, night vision capabilities for around-the-clock surveillance, motion detection alerts, plus remote access to the cameras through the internet and from mobile devices.

We wanted to stay ahead of the times, analogue was dying out and at that time, IP cameras were new. We wanted to stay ahead of the times and be cutting edge of the market, therefore we decided to go digital” commented Naz.

Domino’s now have over 200 Y-cam Knight S and Black S cameras installed, providing quality security coverage for each store – assisting store managers, and the brand as a whole, to combat crime, reduce vandalism and ensure the safety of the staff and customers within the World’s leading pizza delivering company.

“Although Domino’s Pizza is a tremendously successful and large business, each individual store faces the same challenges that any small independent business has.” commented Simon Carr, Sales Manager for Y-cam Solutions. “These are the businesses that we aim to assist, with our high quality, easy-to-use and affordable remote monitoring solutions. Hard working business owners need flexibility and peace of mind by protecting and monitoring multiple premises remotely, when they’re on the move, at home or on holiday. It is a fantastic endorsement and testament to our solutions that someone like Domino’s Pizza chooses Y-cam.”

For further press information on this announcement or other Y-cam installations, please visit our Retail microsite http://www.y-cam.com/retail or contact: James Hunt, Marketing Manager at Y-cam
Tel: +44 (0)20 8334 7368. Email: james@y-cam.com


About Y-cam Solution Ltd
Y-cam Solutions Ltd is a British manufacturer of affordable and easy-to-use remote monitoring solutions designed for residential and small-medium business users. Founded in 2005, Y-cam is a young and dynamic company with rapid growth and award-winning products.  http://www.y-cam.com

About Domino’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza is recognised as the world’s leading pizza delivery company. Their expertise and passion for delivering hot and fresh pizzas has earned the company numerous awards and the loyalty of millions of pizza lovers around the world. http://www.dominos.uk.com/

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