Y-cam introduces school monitoring solutions

Y-cam's monitoring solutions for schools

Y-cam's monitoring solutions for schools

Y-cam Solutions Ltd introduce their efficient and intuitive monitoring solutions for schools, aiding in the creation of the perfect learning environment by securing schools and safeguarding students, whilst cutting down on maintenance costs.

Award winning IP camera manufacture, Y-cam Solutions Ltd, launch their high performing, cost effective monitoring solutions into schools, providing educators with an easy, flexible and affordable monitoring that offers the assurance to allow them to focus on what is most important, securing futures.

Each innovative Y-cam IP monitoring solution makes it easy for schools to expand into digital security, enabling them to step into tomorrow’s technology, today. By enhancing building security, future-proofing investments, whilst saving on costs and offering the perfect system for monitoring entrances and exits, main gates, car parks and playgrounds.

Y-cam understands that schools need to be smart with their budgets and is proven to reduce installation and maintenance costs, as well as eradicating any lump sum pay out. Each camera is designed to be simple to implement into a school’s existing network, including Wi-Fi, PoE and Ethernet, and can be installed by the school’s own Network Manager, ICT team or one of Y-cam’s accredited installers. In no time at all, schools can have a solution fitted; causing little disruption and no costly hourly install rates.

Daniel McDonald, Y-cam Solution Business Development Manager explains “We are seeing more and more requests from schools looking to advance into IP security and, as providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff is their highest priority, our range of internal and external IP cameras offer schools the ability to make this a reality, and it’s affordable too.

Motion detection and email alerts are standard features throughout our entire range, coupled with optional Wi-Fi and nightvision, our solution means that schools can have the assurance that they are protected whilst reducing outgoings by cutting down on cabling and installation costs. Setup is a simple step by step process meaning time to install is greatly reduced which results in less impact on the school.”

With the advanced wireless technology Y-cam cameras use, it makes it much easier for schools to take charge of their own security, providing not only a simple and time saving install but also a wealth of beneficial features which make safeguarding students a breeze. As standard, Y-cam cameras combine next generation technology, flexible solutions, high quality visual & audio, night vision, customisable motion detection and real-time email alerts that protect schools, pupils and staff, indoors and out, day and night.

Whether educators are looking for ways to update their security, branch into IP or add to their existing precautionary measures, Y-cam can help with an efficient and intuitive solutions; helping schools create the perfect learning environment, securing all in attendance and future-proofing their investments.

Y-cam camera solutions offer both internal and external systems that incorporate a number of professional features as standard. Y-cam cameras are priced from £120 – £395 and are available direct from Y-cam Solutions, online retailers or installer stockists across Europe, US and Asia.


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