Y-cam introduces a new addition to its award winning HD range

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Y-cam Solutions Ltd introduce a new addition to their award winning HD range with the highly anticipated release of the Bullet HD 1080, a feature-rich security camera that encompasses award winning Y-cam features, updated with 1080p high definition image quality, new simple CableConnectTM installation, intuitive UI and ONVIF compatibility.

Award winning IP camera manufacturer, Y-cam Solutions Ltd, the leading provider of affordable and easy-to-use remote monitoring products for residential and small-to-medium sized businesses, today extended their camera range with the addition of the Y-cam Bullet HD 1080.

The Bullet HD 1080 is a camera like no other, providing exceptional image quality in full 1080p high definition images with full resolution at 30 fps. The camera’s higher resolution and superior detail provide residential and small business users with the ability to see to greater distances with more precision than ever before.

The camera encompasses a number of outstanding additions: the simpler CableConnectTM install, providing the connection of a single Ethernet cable to the rear of the camera; saving installation time, reducing complexity and the overall cost of the install; ONVIF compatibility, offering users the widest possible interoperability with 3rd party surveillance systems regardless of the manufacturer and a new intuitive user interface, simplifying the camera’s set-up and on-going functionality, making it much easier to navigate.

“We have received a lot of great feedback from our growing community of Y-cam users and our design team have been working tirelessly to incorporate innovations that will improve performance and make our products easier to install and use.” explains Phil Huang, Y-cam Solutions Product Manager. “The redesigned cable connection will dramatically cut down the time, cost and hassle of locating your cameras and the new user interface is much more intuitive, so you can setup and switch on the features you want to use, simply and quickly. So a lot of this new product is thanks to our customers. We hope we’ve done them some justice and we hope this interaction with the community continues to grow in the future.”

Phil continues, “Of course, the headline new feature is the big jump to a 1080p Full HD picture. We want to continue to provide customers with the option of a premium level product that doesn’t compromise. For those customers who want the best, and don’t skimp on bandwidth or storage, this is the product for them.”

The Bullet HD 1080 also encompasses full Wi-Fi compliance, including the utilisation of Wireless N to increase both the wireless network range and operating speed and compiles efficient consumption with the camera’s H.264 compression, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements so users can be assured that their camera is operating with ultimate efficiency.

These new additions do not stand alone as the Bullet HD 1080 encompasses all the renowned Y-cam features; motion detection recording and alarms ensuring for consistent updates and reliability; two-way audio when combining the camera’s sensitive microphone and simple digital I/O connectors; plus a variety of recording facilities including the uniquely developed NAS-ReadyTM, on camera microSD slot, NVR compatibility and FTP capabilities.

All of these extraordinary features are enhanced by a smaller and more compact IP66-rated graphite casing, measuring just over 11cm. This unique sizing, robust quality and breadth of features combine to make an exceptional security camera suitable for a plethora of applications including residential, business, education and hospitality.

Like all Y-cam cameras, the Bullet HD 1080 offers users ultimate compatibility; fully operational with PC and Mac, effective with all Internet browsers and compatible with an increasing number of mobile devices. There are no on-going costs associated with Y-cam and their services, offering a single one off payment for ultimate peace of mind and assurance.


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