Xtralis used by Russian railways

Xtralis used by Russian railways

Russian Railways (Rossiyskie Zheleznye Dorogi or RZhD) owns and operates Russia’s entire railroad system, annually carrying over 1 billion passengers. With over 85,000 Km of track and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight shipped annually, RZhD operates the third largest rail network in the world.

RZhD has 12 main lines, many of which provide direct connections to the European and Asian national railway systems including Finland, France, Germany, Poland, China, Mongolia and North Korea. To support its logistically complex and economically vital operation, RZhD maintains a large number of data-computing centres (DCC), which vary in size but have one thing in common — the critical computing and switching equipment contained in each must be protected from smoke and fire. RZhD selected VESDA by Xtralis for the important task.

Xtralis solutions currently protect approximately 50% of new metro & subway construction worldwide. Indeed, RZhD already employs various VESDA models — from the VFT-15 addressable aspirating smoke detector, to Laser Compact (VLC), Laser Focus (VLF), Laser Plus (VLP), and Laser Scanner (VLS) — to protect seven larger DCCs on key rail lines, including Privolzhsk, Gorky, South Ural, West Siberian, Oktyabrskaya Railways, Far Eastern Railways, and North-Caucasus Railways. With a communications network modernization, RZhD began deploying compact DCCs across its network. Until recently, these compact DCCs, with areas up to 12 m2, had conventional detection. Upon the introduction of VESDA-E VLQ, RZhD immediately began a program to equip these DCCs with VESDA-E VLQ units.

RZhD recognized that fires, even small in scale, within spaces housing critical infrastructure can result in substantial transportation interruptions. Common causes of fire in these environments include overheating electrical components, cables, power supplies, and faulty lighting or mechanical systems. Xtralis created VESDA-E VLQ specifically to deliver cost-effective very early warning (VEW) smoke detection for compact areas like DCCs. A single VLQ unit can replace as many as four standard spot-type smoke detectors, protecting areas up to 100 m2 (1000 ft2 ). As the RZhD network continues to grow, Xtralis expects to continue to equip the vital rail transport system with VESDA-E VLQ detection solutions.

To see how Xtralis provides fire and gas safety systems for trains, rail systems, and metro Stations, visit www.xtralis.com/Transportation. To learn more about VESDA-E VLQ, go to www.xtralis.com/VLQ.

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