Xtralis ADPRO portfolio wins three remote monitoring industry awards


The Xtralis ADPRO portfolio has scooped three major remote monitoring industry honours, being recognised for innovation, reliability, and scalability.

It won the PSi Premier Award for Technology Innovation, 2013 Maximum Impact Best Alarm Equipment: Intrusion Detection System, and the 2013 Maximum Impact Best Alarm Equipment: Intrusion Sensors/Detectors gongs.

The ADPRO remote monitoring solution has been recognised by the industry, peers, customers, and end-users for unique & innovative solutions purpose-built for the remote monitoring industry.  The ADPRO FastTrace 2/2X platform, first and unique multi-service security platform capable of rapid and easy deployment of new intelligent Video Analytics services on all 16 channels, is compatible with multiple Central Monitoring Station software packages including ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum (VCP) and Event Management System (EMS) Software offering our customers flexible and scalable solutions to meet their needs.

Paul Donnelly, Managing Director of Absolute Surveillance Systems, said, “We migrated to the FastTrace 2 shortly after its release and have placed the technology across 100’s of sites including car rental and waste management applications using the Video Central Platinum platform also by Xtralis.  We have been a loyal customer for many years and are always impressed by the reliable solutions ADPRO by Xtralis offers.”

The ADPRO FastTrace 2/2X has a suite of video analytics, including the i-LIDS approved IntrusionTrace, a downloadable intrusion detection analytic that significantly reduces false alarms and LoiterTrace, an indoor loiter detection analytic.  While other companies offer a suite of video analytics, Xtralis combined best-in-class analytics with a unique, customer-oriented deployment strategy.  This Xtralis solution enables field-programmability, which allows the installer or CMS to deploy video analytics remotely to the end user using a customer-friendly licensing portal, without the necessity of sending a technician to the customer site.

The power of the ADPRO portfolio is unmatched when you add the PRO Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs) to the FastTrace 2/2X for multi-site perimeter protection.  The PRO PIR series is engineered to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy in detecting intrusions and improving the performance of any installed CCTV system.

Building upon the strength & wide spread deployment of the Xtralis IntrusionTrace video analytic, Xtralis IntrusionTrace PLUS offers a unique “double-knock” (dual sensor) security solution where absolute detection is a must. The IntrusionTrace PLUS configuration combines ADPRO Intelligent PRO Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors with IntrusionTrace video analytics to deliver the most reliable early detection and remote visual verification platform ever designed. With PRO PIRs for primary perimeter threat detection, and IntrusionTrace for remote visual verification, no threat will go undetected before you have a chance to respond appropriately.

This award, combined with the thousands of installations in a variety of applications such as car dealerships, power generation and utility facilities, solar parks, and historic & iconic landmarks, marks the success Xtralis has had with the ADPRO portfolio.  More importantly our customers have experienced lower operating costs, faster time to market, and satisfied end users as a result of installing the reliable ADPRO solution.  Click here to learn more about the ADPRO Portfolio.

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