X-SERIES Demos Clinch New Business for Installers

redvision dome

Redvision’s X-SERIES rugged dome demos help clinch new business for installers.

Redvision has committed to supporting installers with evening demonstrations of its X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range.

“Once installers and end-users see the quality of the images the X-SERIES™ cameras produce at night, with colour images and full facial recognition at up to 40m, they need no further convincing to buy our cameras,” stated Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision.

The demonstrations are organised through the Redvision sales team: Glenn Waterfall covers the south and Andy Alexander covers the north.

“As winter approaches and the evenings draw in, a live demonstration of our X-SERIES™ cameras is by far the best way to see their full capability. We demonstrate the 100m illumination range of our super-efficient IR and white light LEDs and how the Dual Light model will toggle automatically, or manually, between IR and white light modes. The IR lighting is covert and unobtrusive, but still produces high-quality images, whilst the white light mode is overt and can be used to spotlight an intruder as a deterrent or warning. Our ‘dark-zone’ feature, where the white light is suppressed in pre-defined zones to prevent nuisance or hazardous operation, such as dazzling drivers, can also be easily displayed.

“We compare the reach of 18, 28 and 40x zoom options and reveal how pre-defined lighting profiles can be assigned to preset positions with adjustments for night-time, day-time or weekends. And if it rains, we can show the wiper in action!”

Contact Redvision on 01420 448 448 or visit redvisioncctv.com for more information.

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