World leading UGV company makes UK debut at Security & Policing 2014

image007Unmanned vehicles for fire fighting, EOD, Counter IED, Route Clearance, Humanitarian Demining and Catastrophe Intervention (including HAZMAT & CBRN) from leading international UGV designer, DOK-ING Ltd, will be up for discussion for the first time in the UK at Policing and Security. The company is making its debut in partnership with Lutra Associates on stand B21 during the show being held at Farnborough from 11 to 13 March 2014.

image009Speaking in advance of Security and Policing 2014 Lutra Chief Executive, Tim Otter, said “DOK-ING bring a robust, practical product range and imaginative solutions to their chosen areas of specialisation and interest. Wherever we have raised DOK-ING’s capability and product range in the UK, military or civil, we have been met with enthusiasm and interest.

“The reaction in the international market has been similar. DOK-ING has developed a reputation for delivering effective solutions such as the US Army’s M160 route clearing system in Afghanistan,” added Otter. “Robust, quality, flexibility, simple to operate, effective and value for money are words ingrained in their corporate culture.  By attending Security and Policing we will give their innovative engineers the chance to interact with customers and end users.  The result will be new applications and designs for new and existing equipment. Lutra’s is helping to bring these ideas into reality as new products and concepts.”

image011DOK-ING and Lutra announced their partnership in January this year.  Under the terms of the agreement Lutra is providing assistance with support in the UK and international markets, and assisting with product concepts and design.

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