NEW Wish IP Range Launched by Genie CCTV Ltd

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Genie CCTV Ltd has announced a NEW product range within its portfolio.

Wish IP, is the new extension to its existing Wish range of products. Wish IP 19 encompasses 18 new IP cameras and 6 New IP NVR’s.

Catering for the 1.3MP entry level with 6 new models, 6 new models in the 2MP arena and 7 new 3MP models for the higher resolution applications, the range of cameras will give you the choice and competitive pricing needed in this market.

All Genie Wish IP cameras come with PoE as standard and IR illumination. Two great technical features that showcase our requirements for a minimum standard needed for today’s engineers to assist them in their installation.

Another great technical feature and important specification on all cameras is the
25fps recording frame rates that the cameras can output on all Mega Pixel variants, and 2 cost effective 3MP Genie Wish IP cameras with 12 fps output.

Whether you choose Bullet cameras, Vandal Resistant domes or ever popular Eyeball design Wish IP cameras. Wish IP makes your choices easier to make.

Genie CCTV’s Wish IP range also comes a 4ch, 8ch Wish IP NVR’s that incorporate PoE ports.

For systems that require higher recorded frame rates or storage periods we are introducing our 16ch and 2 versions of 32ch NVR’s offering real time recording at FULL HD 1080P, 2 or 8 HDD capacity and ONVIF compatibility throughout the NVR range.

Do you WISH your IP to be competitive & offering the best value for money?

Wish IP offers the most competitive pricing in the UK, and second to none in sales and service back up from Genie CCTV Ltd who are based in Welwyn Garden City.

The product is available as of the 10th November.

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