Wisenet X H.265 Cameras integrated with an Incident Detection Solution from Sprinx Technologies

Wisenet X H.265 Cameras integrated with an Incident Detection Solution from Sprinx Technologies

Wisenet X H.265 Cameras integrated with an Incident Detection Solution from Sprinx Technologies

The ability to detect incidents and keep traffic on the move has been significantly enhanced as a result of the announcement that Sprinx Technologies’ Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection (AID) application is now able to run on-board all Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X H.265 cameras.

AID solutions utilise intelligent image processing to quickly alert operators about traffic incidents and queuing, and at the same time enable statistical data such as vehicle classification, counting and flow to be recorded. An Origin-Destination Matrix (OD) feature highlights traffic conditions at busy city centre crossroads and roundabouts with simultaneous monitoring of different lanes. It can also detect wrong way drivers and smoke in tunnels.

Technology Leadership

“One of the key ways in which we are committed to proving ‘WE MOVE with trust’ is to work with innovative technology partners such as Sprinx Technologies, who like Hanwha Techwin, are market leaders in their respective field of expertise,” said Tim Biddulph, Head of Product and Solutions for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“Across Europe we are increasingly being entrusted to provide video surveillance solutions for a wide range of critical infrastructure projects, including the monitoring of activity in tunnels. Our partnership with Sprinx Technologies is underpinning our ability to provide world-class solutions which are easy to implement and use for these applications. It is yet another excellent example of how we are always looking for new opportunities to capitalise on the open platform capabilities of Wisenet cameras to deliver video surveillance solutions which offer real-life operational benefits to our customers.”

Wisenet X

The Wisenet X cameras are equipped with an all-new architecture chipset which enables them to deliver twice as fast video processing as you would expect in high definition cameras, complete with three times more memory to handle enhanced on-board video and audio analytics.

Key Features for Traffic Monitoring

The Wisenet X series features 150dB WDR which uses 4 frames to create a more natural image without blurring and outstanding lens technology which enables vivid colour images to be captured in low-light environments without IR LED illumination. XNB-8000 and XNB-6000 models are also equipped with gyro sensors that provide more accurate stabilisation to combat wind or vibrations.

The 2MP or 5MP models are at the heart of Hanwha Techwin’s formidable camera range which collectively are able to provide cost-effective, high performance options for virtually any video surveillance projects, including critical infrastructure applications.

The range also includes premium top of the range Wisenet P cameras which deliver superb quality 4K (12MP) images, entry level Wisenet Q network cameras delivering feature rich 2MP or 4MP images and Wisenet HD+ analogue cameras which deliver Full HD images in 1080p without the need to upgrade cabling infrastructure.

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