Wire-free ‘listen and learn’ fire safety innovation from Geofire

fire safety innovation from Geofire

Wire-free ‘listen and learn’ fire safety innovation from Geofire. Visitors to fire technology specialist Geofire’s FIREX International stand E80 will be able to get a sneak preview of the latest addition to the highly successful Agrippa acoustic range – a new Agrippa Pillow Alarm.
The Agrippa  ‘listen and learn’ technology, also available in the door holder and closer, is being used to alert deaf or hard of hearing people if the fire alarm sounds while they are sleeping.

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is a battery powered, wire-free unit with a pad attachment that simply goes under a pillow. It uses ‘listen and learn’ digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific fire alarm. If the fire alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays ‘fire’. As it’s compact and portable it can be moved around a building as required.
Features include: No installation; portable; technology ensures compliance with elements of the Equality Act 2010. LCD time and alarm clock includes flashing white LED visual warning. Complies with the highest European standards. Product design conserves battery power, with expected battery life of up to two years. Visual warning of low battery and radio signal fault.

New generation fire safety solutions.
The wire-free Agrippa range from fire technology specialists Geofire comprises a digital door ‘swing-free’ closer and door holder. Both products were developed by Geofire’s team of fire safety product experts to address many of the historic problems associated with wire-free fire door holders and closers.

The Agrippa acoustic, magnetic fire door holder is designed to be mounted behind the door at either floor level or at the top of the door, whilst the Agrippa fire door closer is an overhead battery powered acoustic ‘swing-free’ door closer.
All products in the Agrippa range, use Geofire’s advanced digital technology that uniquely ‘listens and learns’ the sound of a specific fire alarm. This ensures the device’s release action is triggered only in reaction to the precise, characteristic sound of the fire alarm rather than extraneous loud noises, so false activations are virtually eliminated.

Established UK manufacturer and supplier of fire security solutions since 1972, Geofire, will be exhibiting their extensive range of electromagnetic door holders and other activation devices used widely as part of fire, security or ventilation systems, designed and manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in North East England.


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