Winsted workstations chosen for New Street Station

Winsted workstations chosen for New Street Station

Winsted workstations chosen for New Street Station

Leading control room furniture manufacturer Winsted has provided custom-designed equipment for Network Rail’s major overhaul of Birmingham New Street, designed to address problems including significant passenger overcrowding. As the busiest station outside London it was last redeveloped in 1967, now handling over 170,000 passengers daily.

With one train said to leave or depart every 37 seconds, the control rooms are at the very heart of the daily operations of the station. Winsted was awarded the tender to equip several operational rooms at the station with furniture specially designed to comply fully with ‘Section 12’ (fire and safety legislation) requirements. Sourced from Winsted’s unique range of consoles and related equipment, designed specifically for the rail industry.

Winsted’s Section 12 consoles for rail applications consist of modular powder coated steel assemblies and are available as stock items, with Trespa work surfaces that match the console finish. The custom furniture comprised two large consoles accommodating up to 8 operators with two smaller consoles in adjacent rooms, with fire retardant storage units. All furniture was aesthetically designed to complement the fresh and airy rooms surrounding.

Commenting on the consoles and ancillary furniture supplied, Julie McGill, Winsted’s UK Sales Manager says the equipment is ergonomically designed to help maximise the control room operators’ monitoring performance:

“We’re very pleased with the installation, which meet all of the client’s operational requirements,”

She notes.

“The furniture’s modular design also allows for future configuration changes if needs should evolve.”

Winsted’s custom design service incorporates ergonomic expertise to ensure that operators benefit from appropriate knee space, viewing distances, sight lines, view-over heights, reach and related elements that help ensure a comfortable, efficient and effective working environment.

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