Wilkinson boosts ROI through intelligent security monitoring

Wilkinson Store GroupWilkinson has launched the first stage of a new remote monitoring and intelligence network to protect staff and assets nationwide while reducing the efficiency of its overall security spending.

The high-street retailer boasts 368 outlets, which have a total of four million weekly visitors, and deals with £1.5 billion of retail sales annually. The new programme was developed with security specialists Lodge Service and is estimated to reduce the total cost of store security by 50 per cent.

The network was designed to combine conventional guarding with the latest CCTV monitoring and IP control technology to increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of Wilkinson’s overall security spending. Lodge Service claims the ROI from deterrence, detection and civil recovery will rise by up to 40 per cent.

Central CCTV surveillance of product lines and stores throughout the Wilkinson network is provided along with the monitoring of fire and intruder alarms and remote access control for stock deliveries.

The Lodge Service intelligence hub in Accrington, developed in 2012 to Cat2 status ARC, centrally manages customer movement and asset data. The hub also provides surveillance and access control to protect lone workers on overnight deliveries, both in transit and on arrival at retail locations.

Each delivery vehicle can be tracked throughout the journey and monitored on live CCTV upon its arrival at the store. Internal alarms are switched off remotely and loading bays illuminated, with the process reversed as part of a lock-down procedure once the delivery is completed.

Mick Phipps, head of loss prevention at Wilkinson, said the network allows for a “comprehensive loss prevention strategy” that offers “much more than traditional CCTV monitoring”. The retailer is able to utilise the real-time data from the intelligent system as part of its security planning.

“From distribution centre to the retail selling space, we are able to use technology to deliver a clear return on investment, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and customers and the protection of assets,” said Phipps.

“The new hub and network offer the intelligence, connectivity and flexibility to provide Wilkinson with a 24/7 resource to manage CCTV, access control, alarms – and ultimately model risk and support a rapid response to all incidents, but without increasing security staff.”

He added: “The infrastructure can provide warning and aversion of threats through the provision of real time data gathered centrally. So overnight or each morning we can deploy security staff and deal with any issues for that day. The database of shared information enables a fast, targeted and proportionate response to ensure the safety of people and assets.”

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