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The 12th edition of SecurityNewsDesk newspaper is our pre-IFSEC, post Counter Terror Expo, post-Interpol World newspaper, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to promote your company!

Airport security

Much has been written about airport security but what is the reality of airport security? How can you secure a transportation hub which can have millions of passengers flowing through it each year, as well as thousands of staff, both permanent and transient? We will look at some of the options including personnel and baggage scanning, perimeter protection and CCTV video surveillance. To comment on this article, contact Kirsty McMahon at

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Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection used to be all about the fence but technology has moved on and now there are many technologies including buried sensors, low-power radar, CCTV/video analytics and other technology to detect and deter intruders. In some circumstances, however, there is still a need to prevent the physical intrusion of vehicles and people onto a site, so we will look at these options, too. To comment on this article, contact Tom Reeve at

To get your press release featured alongside this must-read perimeter protection article, contact Ellie at or tel. 01543-250456.

Region focus: North America

Part of our regular series on regional surveys, we will look at the North American security market in this edition. This feature will include the results of an exclusive survey of British companies and their view on selling into North America. If you would like to comment on this article, please contact Philip Ingram at

Also in this issue

  • Accreditation & certification – why do it and what are the options?
  • Environmental challenges – building security devices to resist the harshest of conditions.

Conferences and Exhibitions – previews & reviews

  • Milestone MIPS conference and exhibition – 24-25 February, Las Vegas, USA
  • NSI Installers Summit – 10 March, Birmingham, UK
  • Interpol World – 14-16 April, Singapore
  • Counter Terror Expo 2015 – 21-22 April, London
  • IFSEC 2015 – 16-18 June, London

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Commercial opportunities

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Final copy date for issue 12 of SND: Monday 13 April 2015. Publication date: 30 April

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