Webro showcase fire and security cable technology at IFSEC 2016

Webro showcase fire and security cable technology at IFSEC 2016

Webro showcase fire and security cable technology at IFSEC 2016

IFSEC 2016 is due to start on the 21st June. Over the 3-day event, visitors will be able to test and trial an extensive range of new security and fire-related products. From door-entry systems, security and CCTV cameras, and alarm cables, the IFSEC 2016 show has all the security infrastructure on show that security professionals and buyers could possibly need.

But have you ever thought about what makes this technology work? Even the best security technology is only as good as the cable behind it. That’s where Webro come in. We’re one of the largest suppliers of fire & security cables in the UK, and provide the cable to many of Europe’s elite security companies. We provide all the cable you need for site security, whether alarm cable, composite cables (including data or power elements) for CCTV use, and fire cable.

Our product range includes both copper and fibre cable options;

Alarm Cable: Our alarm cable range includes full copper versions plus Cabnex (our CCA alarm cable for commercial use). All of our alarm cable versions come in a variety of core counts and sheath colours, with a range of screening options. Low Smoke Zero Halogen, and direct burial versions are also available.

CCTV Cable: We provide an extensive range of composite cables for CCTV use, including full copper RG or URM type cables with a power or Belden equivalent data component, providing you with quality CCTV information, and the resulting peace of mind.

Fire Alarm Cable: You can be certain Firetec cable will perform in even the toughest fire situations. Compliant with the BS 7629-1 standard, Firetec is manufactured with full copper conductors and CPC, and is suitable for use in fire alarm system, emergency lighting circuits and BS 5839-8 voice alarm systems.

We also offer a wide range of category and fibre-optic cable suitable for alarm and CCTV use. In our experience, cable is one of the least appreciated and understood parts of any security system, and is an afterthought in many projects. In fact, in a lot of instances, cable buying decisions often use cost as the main criteria, which can often be a false economy.

To see how you can get the most from your security technology by using the best cable, visit stand C720 at the IFSEC show.

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