Webro CCA alarm cables suit range of security situations

Webro CCA alarm cables suit range of security situations

Webro CCA alarm cables suit range of security situations

Common consensus is that copper-clad aluminium (or CCA as it is frequently known) can often give substandard performance when compared to full copper cables. CCA alarm cable has an aluminium conductor with a thin copper coating.

The addition of aluminium makes CCA cable generally lighter and cheaper than full copper equivalents, but the main drawback is that aluminium has a much higher resistance than copper, meaning CCA cables offer (relatively) reduced performance when compared to their full copper counterparts.

In an alarm situation, this means that CCA cable could produce more false readings and false alarms than full copper cables. CCA cables are often less robust than full copper, and can be prone to fatigue at the point of termination, which can lead to more random faults over time.

Despite all this, there are situations where CCA alarm cabling makes sense. On short cable runs for example, resistance is less of a problem. But the most common reason people use CCA cable is price, as aluminium is cheaper than copper. For this reason, many installers use CCA cable for commercial contracts where cost is the primary concern, and cable runs can be kept short.

At Webro, we have a range of alarm cables to suit all requirements and budgets, including Cabnex our CCA alarm cable. Cabnex has a CCA conductor, but can be used in the same manner as full copper alarm cable, making it a perfect choice for commercial use or for the budget-conscious. Cabnex is available in a range of core counts (from 4-30, and a range of sheath types, including LSF, with a range of screening options. Not only that, but Cabnex is also fully compliant with Type 3 of the BS4737 Section 3.30 alarm cable standards, ensuring that the cable you use meets the required standards.

Should full copper be the only option for your alarm cable, we also offer a range of alarm cable with copper conductors that are compliant with Type 1 or 2 of the BS4737 alarm cable standards. Our full copper alarm cable also comes in screened and direct burial versions. As with Cabnex, our full copper alarm cable comes in a range of core counts and sheath colours, meaning our range of CCA and copper alarm cables has something for every requirement and budget.

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