We need Counter Terrorism Security now more than ever

Counter Terror Expo 2013
Counter Terror Expo 2013

Counter Terror Expo 2013

Transnational terrorism remains the most dominant national security threat and constraint to protect today’s borders. The need for good security to secure populations, business and infrastructure against terrorist threats is not reducing but rather emerging, adapting and evolving.

Questions Un/Answered

The recent attack on the US Embassy and murder of the US Ambassador to Libya could mark the beginning of a new terror front in North Africa. If Libya becomes a threat to the West then Egypt falling into the hands of extremists could be catastrophic. Who knows what the end game will be in the current stand-off between Iran, Israel and USA and indeed the rest of the Middle East. Who knows where Syria will be in 12 months’ time or how the rapid expansion of India, Brazil, China and Russia will affect world order.  Who knows what will happen in Africa post the Arab Spring? If only the threat was from Al Qaeda alone. Much closer to home the Irish Dissidents are continuing to carry out attacks in Northern Ireland and continue to threaten a return to more high profile and devastating attacks.

Counter Terror Expo, 24 – 25 April 2013, Olympia, London, is more valid than ever. Any security professional will know that the very best way to ensure these questions are evaluated and considered prior to an attack is to sue a holistic approach. CTX brings together disciplines of personal, physical and information security in a way that allows Corporations, SME’s and individuals to develop an appropriate and proportionate security plan. Therefore we at CTX have made great efforts to ensure that products on display will show the best and most innovative technologies on the market, to a global audience spanning 68 countries representing the core interests of those most affected.

What is certain is that the need to secure assets, people, the brand and profits are always going to near the top of the agenda for Governments and businesses.

Despite the highly successful drone strikes and the decapitation of key Al Qaeda (AQ) leaders such as Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and Anwar Al-Awlaki in the Arabian Peninsula. AQ, its affiliates and associated groups will continue to be a penetrating threat throughout the world.

The relative weakness of AQ Core does not mean that the threats have necessarily lessened, but they have certainly changed. What we have seen is a widening and flattening of the terrorist threat. Widening because the threat now comes from a larger number of areas and countries and flatter because the hierarchies which previously controlled them have been and are still being, dispersed and in many cases killed.

Too close to home?

For many years the government/police/security services have been explaining the need to risk assess and vet staff.  The realisation that terrorist attacks committed on behalf of Al Shabaab in Somalia were in many cases carried out by UK passport holding terrorists and the rise in numbers of UK citizens linked to terrorist organisations through illicit fundraising and providing resources overseas has reconfirmed why this is an on-going priority for the entire industry and a necessary focus at CTX 2013.

Reducing Vulnerabilities

The protection of high net worth individuals is of growing importance to both the public and private sectors. Whether it is too ensure the staff themselves do not pose an insider threat to the organisations they work for or by ensuring the buildings and external environment remains safe and secure.

CTX 2013 brings to the foreground the widest range of security and counter terrorist products aimed at reducing the personal threat to assets in vulnerable areas. Examples of safe rooms, panic rooms as well as live demonstrations of armoured vehicles vital for personal protection will be on display within the Armoured and Support Vehicle Zone.

Private Property – do not enter

It is easy to think that a business is not a vulnerable area due to its lack of proximity to a high threat area and that security is a secondary issue. Unfortunately that is rarely the case.

Often large sites are unaware of their attractiveness to criminals, whether it is because of the value of the nature of the goods store there or the potential disruption caused to supply chains by damage or threat. It is far too late to build good perimeter security when a group of protesters turn up and are incensed by your links to the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore CTX is pleased to bring together, in one forum, the latest perimeter security equipment and products. World renowned companies such as Frontier Pits and Cova Security Gates will showcase the very best in hostile mitigation. The favoured method of delivery a mass casualty attack is via vehicle bombs, barrier systems which greatly reduce this threat will also be on display from companies such as Avon Barriers and Safetyflex Barriers.

It is clear that building and maintaining a defensible space requires a good perimeter. CTX 2013 will once again have the best perimeter security companies in the business on site to demonstrate their products. For example, Betafence and Barkers Engineering as well as many other high quality companies, many of whom have tried and tested products that are already operating in highly sensitive and demanding places.

A key part of maintaining this security is CCTV, Covert Surveillance Equipment, Access Control, locks and Intrusion Detection methods.

CTX brings together the leading members of the security industry, all of who unanimously placed these aspects of security measures at the forefront of their year’s agenda. Responding to this growing need to monitor and control criminal activity, CTX 2013 exhibitors include Assa Abloy, the world’s largest lock maker, Axis Communications, prominent experts in network video and Kaba Ltd  the leading global player for integrated security systems.

International Security for a Modern World

All businesses have a responsibility to understand the threats they faces, whether they be from terrorists or criminals. The threat of property theft today is evolving; it is undoubtedly not as simple to limit security measures to only those addressing the physical site.

Rather a holistic approach to the insider threat will ensure both physical and intellectual property is secure. CTX 2013 is responding to this evolution across the entire expo and conference.

The 2013 event offers a Cyber Security Conference & Solutions Zone countering cyber espionage and malware attacks, a Maritime Security / Maritime Counter Terrorism (Anti Piracy) Zone providing solutions for the protection of shipping routes, ports and harbours and once again the highly successfully Critical National Infrastructure Conference.

Counter Terror Expo 2013 is relevant for anyone who works within the security industry, either as a security practitioner or commercial installer, integrator or consultant, to understand new strategies, technologies and solutions to mitigate the ever evolving risk.

Counter Terror Expo is a secure event and visitors must pre-register in advance for free entry at www.counterterrorexpo.com/snd.

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