WCCTV Tower product approved for use on railway infrastructure by Network Rail

WCCTV the mobile surveillance solutions manufacturer today has announced that its Tower product has been granted Type Approval status for use on railway infrastructure by Network Rail.

Simon Potkins of Wireless CCTV said:

“I am delighted that the tower, which we have developed following dialogue with Network Rail, has achieved Type Approval status. As the only equipment of its kind with Type Approval it again shows that WCCTV is a market leader in its field.”

The Tower is a complete all in one surveillance system which has been designed to operate at trackside. It is non conductive and can be quickly and easily installed. The system can be self powering for up to 8 weeks and provides live video from a heavy duty camera back to a control room on an alarm basis. In the event of an intruder being found, it is also equipped with audio to enable a challenge to occur. The system also contains an evidential quality recording system. All video images can be transmitted either over the mobile or satellite phone networks.

Following a series of successful trials at both trackside and level crossings Mark Bennett, Operations Manager at Network Rail said:

“This product is an ideal solution to help assist the railway industry with problems at trackside, level crossings and in depots. It can be used to prevent metal theft, trespass, level crossing misuse and for obstacle detection.”

WCCTV was formed in the UK in 2001. The Company is a market leading supplier of mobile surveillance products for traffic, utilities, central and local governments, military and rail markets. It has won awards from the UK Home Office and a Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.



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