WavestoreUSA launches to meet North American security needs

WavestoreUSA, a provider of professional digital video and audio recording solutions for surveillance applications, has announced its official company launch. WavestoreUSA will serve North American-based security integrators, providing reliable, innovative and high-performance video management systems that support a wide variety of surveillance cameras and security technologies.

WavestoreUSA is a global provider of Wavestore professional digital video and audio recording solutions for security and surveillance applications. Founded more than 10 years ago in the U.K., the company has established an excellent reputation for creating flexible, highly scalable video management systems with leading-edge motion detection technologies and intelligent analytics.

WavestoreUSA is committed to constant innovation and product development. The team seeks to provide integrators with a high level of service by moving quickly and efficiently from development, through testing and approval, to product release. By partnering with WavestoreUSA, VARs are able to capitalize on a low cost of ownership and maximize ROI, while gaining a durable, long-term and future-proof solution.

“As veterans to the security industry, WavestoreUSA understands how important it is that our customers are presented with professional systems that deliver functionality without complexity,” said Mario Popu, General Manager, WavestoreUSA. “We listen to our clients’ unique requirements, analyze their specific applications and work together to develop a solution that will deliver the best performance for their needs. We develop, test and manufacture all our products, so we are uniquely positioned to offer excellent technical support and ensure a high standard of customer service.”


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