Wavestore updates its award winning VMS

Wavestore updates its award winning VMS

Wavestore updates its award winning VMS

Wavestore has introduced an updated version of its Video Management Software (VMS), that includes a long list of new features as well as improvements to existing functionality, to ensure that Wavestore’s customers worldwide can maximise their return on investment in new or existing security systems.

Among the many new attributes of the version 5.52 is Active Directory support, which means users can now be set up to be a member of a Wavestore group within the Active Directory, and Wavestore’s VMS will then use the permissions of that group when a user logs in. With end-users increasingly demanding seamless integrated solutions, Wavestore’s Active Directory support will further help simplify the management of video surveillance systems with third party systems such as Access Control, as well as the wider IT infrastructure.

To ensure security personnel have the best available images to detect or investigate criminal activity, version 5.52 incorporates a ‘boost pre-record’ feature which can be configured to record pre-alarm or event images at a higher frame rate.

“Version 5.52 is intended to make it even easier for users to unlock the full potential of a video surveillance system,” said Julian Inman, Product Manager at Wavestore “It includes a wide range of features to ensure that our VMS is even more user-friendly, such as various improved metadata search options and the ability to simultaneous search multiple channels. There is also improved audio and joystick support, as well as added server group functionality.”

Wavestore’s truly independent open platform Video Management Software (VMS) enables users to achieve maximum return on investment from their security solution by unlocking its full potential.

Wavestore VMS combines powerful ‘any source’ video, audio and recording management with deep integration across multiple technologies from a wide range of third-party technology providers.

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