Wavestore releases Version 6 of its award winning VMS

Wavestore releases Version 6 of its award winning VMS

Wavestore releases Version 6 of its award winning VMS

Wavestore has announced the introduction of additional features and functionality in its new V6 Video Management Software (VMS) and WaveView client software.

Known for providing leading system integrity and user friendliness, many major improvements have been incorporated in Wavestore V6 with the objective of enabling end-user clients to securely and more easily unlock the full potential of an integrated security system.

Widely referred to as the ‘operator’s favourite GUI’, Wavestore’s graphical display has been updated with a fresh new look featuring updated icons and graphics, making it even more intuitive to use. The addition of dockable components and configurability of the live event stream window provides an enhanced user experience which gives the ability for individual operators to arrive at their pre-customised screen layouts each time they log in.

V6 also introduces camera shortcut keys using the keyboard number pad for added convenience and security enhancements to protect against malicious hacking attempts, including enhanced encryption and a high-security password policy.

Julian Inman, Product Manager at Wavestore said:

“Many of the new or updated features in V6 have been developed as a direct result of feedback from our worldwide network of customers. For example, Wavestore’s client side de-warping feature, which supports a wide range of 360 degree cameras, now offers greater flexibility by enabling the cameras to be fitted onto angled surfaces, and not just flat ceilings or walls. We have also added full SDK integration with ImmerVision lenses and Oncam cameras.”

V6 maintains Wavestore’s ‘any video, any format’ philosophy which sees it supporting all leading camera vendors across multiple camera technologies. These include very high megapixel, UHD, 4K, HD, 360° fisheye, thermal and analogue cameras operating on H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MxPEG and JPEG2000 video formats.

Improved support for larger systems
As the result of an update incorporated into V6, Wavestore’s propriety large allocated storage system (LASS), now empowers the VMS to manage an industry leading 384 Petabytes of data per server. As such,V6 claims to set a new industry benchmark for Enterprise level applications and with effectively no limit to the mass of images it can manage. The calculation and system design process is also greatly simplified.

Intelligent failover is now also available at Wavestore Enterprise level to ensure minimal disruption to recording should a fault occur and to deliver resilience and peace of mind for mission-critical applications.

Julian Inman said:

“We have made it as flexible as possible for specifiers and systems integrators to choose the right level of software required for a each project and our simple ‘buy-once’ licence model enables additional licenses to be purchased if and when a system grows. Wavestore can therefore be cost effectively deployed for small to medium size projects with either our Base or Premium levels of software, and then upgraded when required to Enterprise level, for larger or critical applications.”

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