Wavestore integrated with Immix® Command Center

Wavestore integrated with Immix® Command Center

Wavestore integrated with Immix® Command Center

Wavestore’s Video Management Software (VMS) has been successfully integrated with SureView Systems’ Immix® Command Center software platform.

The Immix® Command Center is a web based networked solution designed for enterprise businesses and central stations to protect critical assets.

“In simple terms, we have achieved a high level of integration between the Wavestore and Immix® platform software platforms to enable operators to effortlessly be in control of the management of alarms and associated video,” said Craig Evans, Managing Director of SureView Systems. “This is a great example of two award winning British manufacturers, combining their technical expertise to deliver a seamless integration solution for the benefit of our mutual customers.”

Live Video Streams
As a result of the integration, alarms reported via the Immix® Command Center are automatically linked to the live video stream of any associated cameras connected to the Wavestore VMS, allowing operators to verify that an incident is taking place and respond accordingly. Both pre and post alarm images from multiple cameras can be displayed alongside each other on a single screen in order that operators can make quick and effective decisions. There is also the option to set up email alerts so that when an alarm is received, a snapshot or video clip of the incident can be sent, for example, to a key holder or security manager.

Wavestore version 5.50
The Immix® Command Center is fully compatible with the very latest version of Wavestore’s VMS. Introduced in June 2015, Wavestore version 5.50 (five-fifty) incorporates a long list of new and improved features designed to extend the lifespan of video surveillance systems and unlock the full potential of integrated security solutions. Sitting at the heart of a security solution, Wavestore’s VMS is able to offer much more than just industry leading video and recording management. As well as bringing together audio, data and video, including images from the very latest ultra-high definition and 360° fish eye cameras, Wavestore also provides a platform that makes integration between disparate third-party technologies, such as the Immix® Command Center, simple.

“One of the attractions of working closely with Wavestore is that it is able to offer an ‘Any video, any format’ solution,” said Craig Evans. “This provides us with a major advantage in being able to offer alarm handling and video monitoring control rooms the ability to display images from any combination of camera types, including high megapixel, UHD 4K, HD, 360° fisheye, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, thermal and analogue.”

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