Wavestore announces integration with Sentry360’s Fullsight cameras

Sentry360 FS5000
Sentry360  FS5000

Sentry360 FS5000

Wavestore has announced that its video management software (VMS) is now able to support the Sentry360’s series of FullSight™ panoramic cameras.

The ONVIF compliant FullSight series provides customers with a choice of 1.3, 2, 5 or 10 megapixel IP network 360 degree cameras, all of which can multi-stream images across a network using H.264 or MJPEG compression.

“The integration of our VMS with the Sentry360’s Fullsight™ cameras has been achieved at the right time as it coincides with a substantial increase in the demand for panoramic cameras,” said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “Retail environments, airports and public spaces are just a few of the environments where the FullSight cameras, working in conjunction with our VMS, will provide a powerful tool for hard pressed security managers who are looking for a cost effective video surveillance system to help them detect and deter theft, vandalism and other criminal activity.”

The use of 360 degree technology can significantly reduce the number of cameras, infrastructure and security personnel needed to monitor a large area, and with no moving parts, further savings can be achieved on maintenance costs.

Customers have the choice of using Sentry360’s de-warping software or, they can take advantage of the de-warping module which Wavestore has incorporated into VMS. This records the original fisheye images captured by a panoramic camera and simultaneously displays the locally de-warped images created by the Wavestore software as well as images from other network and analogue cameras in a multi-image display. “Our de-warping software allows operators to effortlessly ‘move’ throughout the 360 degree images either with a conventional joystick or a 3-axis mouse, or it can be set to pan like a continual PTZ. There is also an option to overlap the whole image in a panoramic view. Most importantly, whatever the operator does, the original images captured by the cameras are stored unaltered so that specific video data can be presented and verified in a court of law if required,” said Chris Williams.


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