Wavestore and Y-cam release easy to install video surveillance solution

Wavestore and Y-Cam surveillance solution
Wavestore and Y-Cam surveillance solution

Wavestore and Y-Cam surveillance solution

British manufacturers Wavestore and Y-cam have combined their expertise to produce a wireless video surveillance system which can be installed ‘out- of-the-box’ with minimal network knowledge or DIY skills.

The preconfigured package of products comprises four Y-cam wireless high resolution cameras (which have built-in IR LEDs to capture clear images even when the area is in total darkness), a Netgear router and a Wavestore Opal digital video recorder.

“The surveillance package which we have put together with Y-cam is designed for small business and residential applications and presents an ideal solution for electricians and electrical contractors looking to offer their clients a cost effective and easy to install video surveillance system,” said Chris Williams, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Wavestore. “The system is so easy to install that end-users could install it themselves if they wish with the help of comprehensive and easy to understand instructions.”

The space saving Wavestore Opal digital video recorder, which is similar in size to a Yellow Pages telephone directory, has a massive 1TB surveillance grade hard disk for storing images and provides users with the option to add up to twelve additional cameras if required. Running costs of the Opal are low as it consumes less than 30 Watts.

“Our mantra at Y-cam has always been ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘affordable’,” said Simon Carr, Head of Sales at Y-cam Solutions. “This ready-to-go package will remove any barriers of entry for companies who want to capitalise on the exciting business opportunities available within the fast growth Surveillance & Security Solutions market sector. More and more small business customers are becoming aware of the real value and benefits they can get out of the latest IP surveillance tools, that simply has not been achievable or attractive with traditional CCTV systems. We hope this package will help lots of companies easily increase their revenues from their existing customer base, or help expand it, whilst their other business areas may be struggling to grow in the current climate.”

About Wavestore
Wavestore’s wide range of digital video recording systems, operate on an open platform and are  able to simultaneously record and display high quality images from combinations of analogue, network (IP and megapixel), HD, HDcctv, 360 degree and infra-red cameras.

Utilising the Linux operating system, Wavestore’s DVRs, NVRs and HVRs are rugged, reliable and straightforward to install, configure and operate. Wavestore systems are also easily expandable and upgradable as and when a client’s requirements change, whilst Wavestore’s powerful SDK enables integrated security solutions to be developed efficiently.

Wavestore works closely with third party technology partners to provide video analytics, motion detection, license plate recognition, abandoned object and intruder detection, people counting, perimeter security detection and traffic monitoring solutions.

Wavestore has provided solutions for countless demanding projects, including ports and airports, transportation, councils, hospitals, hotels, schools, property, police and homeland security applications.

About  Y-cam
Y-cam Solutions Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of affordable and easy-to-use remote monitoring solutions designed for Residential and Small-Medium-Business users.

Founded in 2005, Y-cam is a young and dynamic company with rapid growth and award-winning products.

+44 (0) 845 5000 247

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