Wavestore and Vizualize collaborate

The successful combination of Vizualize technology with Wavestore’s video management software (VMS) has enhanced the ability of businesses to identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Vizualize harmonises its leading-edge sensors, intelligent devices, analytics and dynamic reporting solutions. When working alongside Wavestore’s open platform VMS, its highly accurate 3D edge based people counting system can, for example, in retail environments provide options for shopper tracking, in-store audience measurement and product interaction monitoring, which deliver an insight into virtually every element of shopper activity.
In addition to retail applications, Vizualize’s technology can provide capture and analyse data in order to help a wide range of other market sectors identify opportunities where productivity can be improved and customer satisfaction maintained, whilst ensuring a safe and secure environment for staff and customers. These include applications within the transport sector where passenger waiting times and delays at airports, ports and other transport facilities has become of increasing concern as security measures are tightened, and within stadiums, large venues, pubs and night clubs where the need to comply with licensing and safety laws means that having an accurate, reliable system for monitoring occupancy levels, is essential.
360 Degrees Visibility
Vizualize’s ability to generate data that will allow an analysis of customer movement by way of, for example, heat maps, is further enhanced when 360 degree fisheye cameras are deployed, to record all of the activity in the monitored area. In addition, Wavestore is able to assist in this process as, in addition to de-warping the fisheye images, it enables operators to control a ‘virtual’ PTZ function to track activity and save video clips of an unlimited number of individual events captured in the camera’s entire field of view.

“Our collaboration with Vizualize underpins Wavestore’s commitment to provide seamlessly solutions which can deliver so much more than what has traditionally been expected of a video surveillance system,” said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “We have developed a strong relationship with Vizualize to bring our combined solution to the attention of the countless number of businesses that could benefit from visually verified data which helps them track their performance in line with defined KPIs.”


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