WaveSTAR boosts rapid integration potential

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Wavestore claims an innovative new feature in Version 5.40 of its video recording and management software (VMS) will be popular among system integrators who are looking to provide clients with an integrated security solution.

WaveSTAR offers a fast, safe, multi-purpose translation capability that facilitates the rapid integration of any third party’s equipment protocols. It allows information in many forms and countless protocols to trigger any of the wide range of responses possible in a Wavestore system.  These include actions such as controlling recordings, directing PTZ cameras, switching display contents for all or specified users, and e-mailing images and other information, all using configurable Wavestore ‘rules’.

“One of the major challenges facing the electronic security industry is that customers, in order to achieve maximum advantage from their investment in a security system, require a totally integrated solution”, said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “There is however a vast range of disparate technologies that may be required to continuously interoperate. Although this is quite often achieved by system integrators using SDKs, this method of integration has to be coded which takes time to complete, and may have to conform to development and testing schedules.”

WaveSTAR (Sensing, Translation, Action and Response) is intended to unlock the capability to accept alarm or message inputs from third party equipment and where necessary, it extracts the relevant data to enable the appropriate action or response to be determined. A wide range of data inputs are supported including UDP messages, TCP messages (binary and textual lines), HTTP messages and Serial port data.

WaveSTAR can facilitate integration with a wide range of equipment and systems including Access Control, Intruder and Perimeter detection, Biometrics, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, People Counting and Video Analytics.

One of the first projects in which WaveSTAR has been utilised is where there has been a need to integrate Wavestore’s VMS with an EPOS system. The solution achieved allows text from the EPOS devices, typically the data stream sent by a till to a printer, to be input to a Wavestore server for display alongside associated video images.  The input can be by serial (RS232 or similar) or network (TCP or UDP) ports, and is processed by a script created by the system integrator so that it is formatted for its specific use.

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