Wavesight introduces Cloud Stream management software

Wavesight introduces Cloud Stream management software

A comprehensive management software enabling remote monitoring, configuration and performance analysis for networked devices. 

Given the amounts invested in CCTV systems and the investment made in wireless networks, Cloud Stream provides a simple yet powerful management tool in the Cloud. Cloud Stream helps System Integrators and end Customers manage their network centrally without having to incur any extra cost of software, server hosting and maintenance.

Management of the network, bandwidth and the throughput from every device installed on the network is vital to the performance of the system deployed.  Cloud Stream provides network wide visibility and control; and ensures easy setup and centralised reporting of key performance parameters. The Cloud based tool is designed to give both fixed and mobile users centralised control over their networks, with the ability to detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues in real time.

Wavesight introduces Cloud Stream management software

Exceptionally easy to use, Cloud Stream enables the local configuration and alignment of any link /radio from Wavesight without the need for extensive IP networking or radio theory knowledge.

The simple interface enables:

  • Device identification – Serial Number
  • Device configuration – Device Name
  • IP address setting
  • SSID setting
  • Channel selection
  • Power settings
  • Satellite / base configuration
  • Encryption selection
  • SNMP interface allows simple remote management of units
  • Monitoring of Device Statistics such as Channel, Frequency, Transmit and Receive Rates, etc.
  • Flagging and Reporting of Performance Indicators- Low Signal Quality, Low Rx Power, etc.

Developed by Xanview, Cloud Stream helps ensure that the investment made in the wireless network solutions from Wavesight is secure and cost effective. While the management tool will be initially deployed to manage wireless networks it will be also extended to manage the hybrid energy solutions being rolled out shortly.

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