VOTI DETECTION 3D Perspective Scanners chosen by Amazon

VOTI DETECTION 3D Perspective Scanners chosen by Amazon

Amazon has selected VOTI DETECTIONTM 3D Perspective Scanners for loss prevention and employee security, thus keeping facilities secure.

VOTI DETECTIONTM is a leading technology detection company, which utilises 3D perspective to deliver enhanced threat detection. Amazon has announced that it has selected VOTI’s latest generation x-ray security screening systems for employee security and loss prevention at Amazon fulfillment facilities across the United States.

Amazon will use VOTI’s XR3D-60 technology to scan thousands of employees and visitors, in addition to countless packages every day to ensure safety. All scanners will be fully installed by Thanksgiving.

By providing a 3D PerspectiveTM to operators, VOTI scanners deliver sharper, more revealing images than coventional x-ray screening technology as well as threat alert, material classification, dual energy imaging, the ability to manipulate and enhance images and more.

“Playing a part in safeguarding and securing a world leader like Amazon is both a great responsibility and an honor,” said Rory Olson, President and CEO of VOTI. “We look forward to enhancing the safety of both Amazon employees and inventory as they utilize our proprietary 3D perspective technology across the United States.”

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