VMS upgrade improves road security on Wisconsin’s highways

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VMS upgrade improves road security on Wisconsin’s highways

Teleste’s Video Management Solution was selected to support the large, growing security system of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is responsible for planning, building and maintaining Wisconsin’s network of state highways and its interstate highway system. With a population of over 5,750,000, the department manag-es 11,753 miles of state highways and approximately 4,600 bridges. WiSDOT also operates the State Traffic Operations Center, which creates a central 24/7 hub for managing statewide resources and communications.

The first traffic camera deployments were made on Wisconsin freeways and interstate highways in 1995. Over the years, the original system was challenged by the growing need for more scalability and advanced video management capabili-ties. In 2010, WisDOT deployed the Teleste Video Management Solution (VMS) to enhance their ability to provide the saf-est, highest quality transportation services for the state and its citizens.

Seamless workflow through improved operational control

Teleste’s VMS has provided WisDOT with increased flexibility, more reliability and control of all system components as well as transmission of data which has resulted in improved operational workflow. The solution enables the control room to effectively address different types of road security issues, including faster confirmation and response, coordination and assistance in response efforts, verification of driver alerts, while also being able to notify the media and the public about incidents of concern.

Along with its enhanced real-time operability, the system offers scalable data storage capability for video recordings in various file formats. The stored video clips are available for further inspection for 120 days, after which they are deleted in accordance with the records retention policy. With more than 60% of its video requests coming from law enforcement, the system stands out for its ability to provide evidential information and enable investigators to, e.g., place vehicles or sus-pects at a specific time and location.

Taking a preventative approach to road security

Teleste’s VMS introduces a unified management of the entire video security system and its sub-systems, which paves the way for a more preventative approach to road security. Reliable access to all system data enables control room personnel to efficiently identify situations and trends, and react proactively in response to events of interest. It also makes it possible to notice areas for improvement, define procedures and determine best practises for enhancing security within the road system even before problems arise.

Advanced management of video has also enhanced operation of TIME, the state of Wisconsin’s Traffic Incident Man-agement Enhancement program lead by WisDOT. Saved video recordings are used on a regular basis by WisDOT and emergency responders to review incidents and learn how to respond more efficiently. Video clips are also used for TIME education and training to improve TIME techniques, as well as to develop and implement Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines in the state of Wisconsin.

According to WisDOT, Teleste’s VMS provides an invaluable asset for increased security on Wisconsin’s highways. With its inherent ability to support the large, growing system, the future-proof solution meets WisDOT’s ongoing drive for con-tinuous development. Teleste’s long track record of implementing complex and scalable road administration systems has provided WisDOT with benefits that clearly outweigh their resource implications.

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