Success for Video Management Systems at Intersec 2017 after Titan View, Sigma and Vision showcase

Success for VMS at Intersec 2017 after Titan View, Sigma and Vision showcase

Success for Video Management Systems at Intersec 2017 after Titan View, Sigma and Vision showcase

Glasgow-based surveillance solutions specialists Visual Management Systems Ltd. is celebrating a successful Intersec 2017 following the launch of TITAN VIEW a licence-free IP Video Management System, Command and Control solution, TITAN SIGMA, as well as PSIM solution TITAN VISION and an integration and control system for the full range of 360 Vision Cameras.

Firstly, TITAN VIEW is an open platform, licence free integrated security management system, built on the experience and expertise gained over 20 years of development of the flag ship TITAN portfolio. It Supports ONVIF protocol for seamless connection to many of the world’s major manufacturers.

According to Visual Management Systems Ltd., it is a highly intelligent security management system, with a beautifully designed, easy-to-use user interface. This robust, feature rich application can be a standalone system or part of a much bigger TITAN VISION PSIM solution.

Next, TITAN SIGMA brings together the experience and expertise gained over 20 years to provide an unique Detection, Verification and Command and Control solution that can be tailored to the stakeholders particular operational requirements.VMS showcases Titan View, Sigma and Vision at Intersec 2017

Based upon the open TITAN platform, TITAN SIGMA takes full advantage of ONVIF compliance but much more important than this is the “Deep Integration” that has been built into the system (SDK level and beyond) that allows TITAN SIGMA to integrate with many of the major manufacturers, offering a level of functionality and performance far beyond basic ONVIF compliance, they say.

TITAN SIGMA provides all of the elements of the TITAN VISION PSIM solution with particular attention to the Detection and Verification requirements of the installation and the operational Command and Control elements of a modern Total Situational Awareness application and has been specifically developed for sensitive, high security and mission critical environments, the company says.

VMS showcases Titan View, Sigma and Vision at Intersec 2017
It also offers access to sophisticated analytical tools and intelligent self-learning technology which further increases system efficiency and effectiveness. This combined with integration to non-security applications such as POS, Energy Management, Messaging, HVAC and other operational systems, results in a robust and fully tailored management tool.

This British company says that whether you are looking for a fully functional IP Video Management suite, PSIM solutions or the ultimate in converged situational awareness solutions specifically developed for high security, critical infrastructure, defence and military applications, Visual Management Systems Ltd. will provide a fit-for-purpose and robust solution, tailored to your exact requirements and supported by a team of experienced engineers and developers.

The TITAN portfolio also offers a genuine growth path between products and as a license-free solution built on an open platform ensures an effective ROI at all levels.

Following a two year development cycle, the next generation of TITAN solutions has been completely redesigned to ensure maximum functionality, operator efficiency and ease of use, the company says. With the new intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) operator training and system configuration investment can be kept to a minimum without loss of functionality or resilience.

Managing Director, Jay Shields commented:

“This represents a step change in the manner in which PSIM solutions are utilised, deployed and managed, with the addition of the Detection and Verification and Command and Control situational awareness solution, TITAN SIGMA finally offering a level of convergence and consolidation only dreamt of a few years ago”.

Finally, thanks to a close technical relationship with leading UK CCTV design and manufacturing company 360 Vision Technology, Visual Management Systems Ltd. have developed integration and control for the full range of 360 Vision cameras. Providing full integration to 360 Vision Technology’s industry leading range of cameras, end-users can maximize their surveillance camera imaging performance, in addition to Titan Vision’s intuitive control.

“Deep Integration” Key to success

Via an ongoing technical partnership with 360 Vision and the use of 360 Vision’s SDK codec, any 360 Vision camera can be simply connected to a TITAN VISION network, with minimal set-up – reducing installation time and instantly integrating the extensive functionality of any 360 Vision camera.

TITAN VISION is currently employed in varied applications across the UK, while critical infrastructure installations in EMEA are planned – with applications ranging from people counting, to process control and infrastructure security.

Sales Director, John Downie adds:

“Our technical partnership with 360 Vision means greater functionality of the 360 Vision camera range for operators,” adding “This ensures our end-user customers benefit from the best possible simple and intuitive control, and seamless systems integration.”

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