Vivotek’s surveillance solution ensures safety at Chilean shopping mall

Vivotek cameras protect Plaza El Roble Mall
Vivotek cameras protect Plaza El Roble Mall

Vivotek cameras protect Plaza El Roble Mall

Plaza El Roble Mall is a shopping destination in Chillán, a city within the Biobío Region of Chile. Previously equipped with an analogue surveillance system, the mall has recently experienced an upgrade with VIVOTEK. M y P and Estrom, the system integrators working on this case, boast that the project is one of the largest among the retail vertical market applications that have so far adopted IP surveillance technology. The renovation has significantly boosted the level of security of the mall and ensured safety of the shoppers. Not only does the newly installed technology enable digital data backup, it delivers excellent image quality and optical zoom for a clearer, more enhanced visual.

VIVOTEK FD7160 comes with a 2-Megapixel sensor and a flat dome format specially designed for train carriages or metro/subway cars, elevators and other similar settings. The FD7160 is built with metal and offers great protection against water damage, dust and vandalism. Certified with EN50155, the FD7160 can withstand vibration, shock, moisture and forms of tampering, while maintaining a stable video footage and high quality image. The implementation of 60 pieces of VIVOTEK FD7160 at the time involved a new hybrid physical topology to overcome the difficulties which lied with the environment. The power supply by PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) under an UPS base provides autonomy in situations like power outage, in which the system remains in operation and the recording continues.

Four months later (June 2011), the second phase commenced and new cameras were added to the monitoring system, reaching a total number of more than 75 pieces installed. In order to maintain ongoing support for the end-user to record and manage large amount of information generated on the daily basis, a new digital backup system for database was established via two QNAP servers. The capacity of each server is more than 12TB. Today, as Plaza El Roble Mall continues to expand, more budget for IP surveillance solutions is in place for future upgrade or network extension, including links to optical fiber as well as other VIVOTEK cameras.

Customer Feedback
According to Don Juan Rodríguez, Manager of Plaza El Roble Mall, the transform from analogue to IP was absolutely necessary, “We continue to improve the security system and will be adding new cameras in order to stay on top of the safety measure for our customers.” The fresh upgrade also helps end-users realize the importance of transparent data management for surveillance platforms, which, at some point, will inevitably be converted to IP.

Technical trainings for all personnel responsible for the safety measure of Plaza El Roble Mall, including Rapporteur, Ernaldo Godoy and Chief Technician of My P, took place in February 2011.


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