VIVOTEK’s network cameras integrated with Milestone XProtect

William Ku, Brand Business Division Director - VIVOTEK
William Ku, Brand Business Division Director - VIVOTEK

William Ku, Brand Business Division Director - VIVOTEK

VIVOTEK IP8151/51P, IP8162/62P, IP8332, IP8352, IP8362, FD8134, FD8362/62E and SD8362E network cameras are now listed in Milestone Systems’ latest hardware support announcement for XProtect® Device Pack 5.7.

Milestone Systems, headquartered in Denmark, is a leading global developer of open platform software for IP network-based video surveillance management. Milestone XProtect software solutions help businesses reduce costs, optimize processes, protect people and assets, and most importantly, increase value in an organization’s products and services.

Released in October 2011, XProtect Device Pack 5.7 is the latest release of hardware supported by Milestone video management software (VMS). It announced that VIVOTEK IP8151 and IP8162 network cameras are integrated via ONVIF specifications with all six XProtect software products, designed to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and for different applications.

Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, Head of Strategic Alliances at Milestone Systems, commented on the collaboration with VIVOTEK: “Together with our important Manufacturer Alliance Partners such as VIVOTEK, Milestone provides flexible and powerful options for IP video surveillance solutions.”

The IP8151, an award-winning fixed network camera from the SUPREME series, boasts unparalleled vision in extreme brightness and under low-light conditions with its WDR-enhanced supreme night visibility feature. In addition to a focus assist button, which allows users to optimally designate and adjust the camera focus as required, the IP8151 presents added features such as SD/SDHC card slot, PoE and multiple streaming for the most demanding monitoring applications. The FD8134 is another highly celebrated camera that has enjoyed its fame since it served the role as the “eye” of the capsule in the mine rescue mission in Chile in August 2010.

“Milestone and VIVOTEK share the same strong enthusiasm and commitment to the roles we play in the security industry,” said William Ku, Director of Brand Business at VIVOTEK. “We look forward to working more with Milestone to continue making the world a safer place with innovative technology.”

VIVOTEK INC., established in 2000, has quickly taken its place as a leading brand in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK specializes in audiovisual compression and integration. With the innovative R&D teams adopting sophisticated codec technologies, VIVOTEK provides a wide range of products, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers and central management systems. VIVOTEK (TAIEX: 3454) was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2006 and moved from Over-the-Counter to the major exchange market in 2011. In 2007, VIVOTEK spun off the SoC division into a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary, namely VATICS ( In 2008, a branch office was set up in California, USA. VIVOTEK is currently working with more than 160 authorized distributors in over 80 countries. For more information, please visit

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