VIVOTEK’s IP cameras boost public transport security in Szeged

VIVOTEK¹s IP Cameras Safeguard the Public Transportation Security of Szeged Hungary_1Szeged, a history-enriched city with a present population of approximately 163,000, is ranked one of the largest cities in the southeast regions of Hungary. In reflection of its history, Szeged experienced numerous negative social events in the 19th and 20th century, primarily caused by either natural disasters or wars. Following these negative events, Szeged has recently rebuilt its beautiful buildings, well-organized streets, and comprehensive public transportation systems, modernizing this city into one demonstrating strong cultural and economic dynamics.

Modern Transportation, Better City Environment

Undoubtedly, the public transportation in Szeged has played a significant role in the renaissance of the city, supporting both social and commercial activities. In addition to commuting, the public transportation in Szeged has made a great contribution to the city’s development. Trams, trolleybuses, and buses are three key elements that weave the public transportation network in Szeged. With the steady development of the city, the traffic volume has consequently increased. Therefore, the safety and security of trams, trolleybuses, and buses are exceptionally important, which may directly impact the safety of the citizens and the prosperity of the city. Considering the pivotal role of public transportation, the city’s government has gradually placed increasing efforts and investments in transportation system and infrastructure modernization in recent years, ensuring smooth transportation operations and further enhancing security.

In response to transportation modernization, Szeged Transport Co. Ltd. (SZKT), a state-owned trolleybus operation company, has acquired numerous new trolleybuses. By seeking professional consultancy with New Line Technologies, a professional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Integrator, more advanced and intelligent technologies and high quality surveillance systems have consequently been incorporated into these new trolleybuses.

Advanced Infrastructure Creates a Safer City

VIVOTEK¹s IP Cameras Safeguard the Public Transportation Security of Szeged Hungary_2In this project, 110 units of VIVOTEK’s MD7560D network camera were employed. The quality and technology that VIVOTEK’s products demonstrate are key considerations highlighting the decision of New Line Technologies. With the full support from VIVOTEK’s local distributor IP Cam Technologies, New Line Technologies has successfully introduced VIVOTEK’s MD7560D network camera to SZKT’s new trolleybuses for internally and externally monitoring the bus cabins.

The MD7560D is a 2-megapixel vandal-proof mobile surveillance network camera developed by VIVOTEK that is specifically designed for transportation applications such as buses, trains, and other vehicles. Being compliant with the EN50155 standard for electrical devices installed on railways, the camera can withstand shock, vibration, fluctuations, and conditions presented on rapid transit trains, maintaining stable and reliable video during vehicle movement. Featuring a 1600×1200 resolution, the MD7560D can produce extremely detailed and clear images, which can be delivered explicitly, simplifying the identification of people and objects. Video footage of passenger activity within or accidents outside the cabins can be clearly captured and recorded in mobile network video recorders installed inside each trolleybus for post-event evidence.

More VIVOTEK Cameras to Safeguard the 163,000 Residents of Szeged

Sharon Lee, the director of VIVOTEK’s Europe Business Division, said: “We are pleased that VIVOTEK has received this great opportunity to assist in the enhancement of the security infrastructure of SZKT’s new trolleybuses. Thanks to New Line Technologies, 110 units of VIVOTEK’s MD7560D network camera have been fully integrated in the preliminary stage. Consequently, MD7560D proved to be the most ideal choice for reinforcing the transportation security of the residents of Szeged and creating a safer city environment. In the following stage, additional MD7560D shall be incorporated into old, camera-absent SZKT bus cabins, as well as new bus cabins.”

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