VIVOTEK wins GIT Security Award 2013

VIVOTEK is honored to announce the winning of GIT Security Award 2013. By outperformed other 10 candidates, VIVOTEK is ranked at 2nd place under the Category C – CCTV. VIVOTEK is also the only vendor that wins the prize via self-developed unique technique – Panoramic PTZ.

Panoramic PTZ is an innovative technique developed by the VIVOTEK R&D team for monitoring open areas with extreme detail. This technology is the synergy via the combination of a fisheye global view and a speed dome camera, allowing users to simultaneously monitor an area overview from a fisheye model while providing the capability for a detailed regional view from a speed dome.

The VIVOTEK 3.1 megapixel fisheye camera FE8171V, with a 180° panoramic view or 360° surround view without blind spots, is used as the “command” unit to detect events across an entire area, and the full HD speed dome SD8362E with 20x optical zoom acts as the “slave” to track and zoom in on suspicious objects for detail at up to 1080p resolution with 20x optical zoom. Moreover, VIVOTEK speed dome provides fast, precise pan/tilt/zoom movement through its robust design and captures details with precise quality from extreme distances. By implementing VIVOTEK’s Panoramic PTZ, users can utilize the ultra-smooth PTZ function to easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI) via a mouse to track the object of interest and realize a seamless surveillance. Most importantly, VIVOTEK Panoramic PTZ, with further enhanced surveillance efficiency, saves on the overall cost of the surveillance system, effectively reducing the number of cameras, labor costs, power consumption, and maintenance expenses.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK’s Executive Vice President, indicated: “I would like to thank the greatest support of GIT Magazine and its readers for their recognition, which demonstrate that VIVOTEK has established a leading and innovative brand image in the industry. Our innovative technology is well affirmed by the public.”

Panoramic PTZ is the especially ideal solution for department stores, station lobbies, airports, parking lots, and any wide open areas where comprehensive video surveillance systems and the capability for extreme video detail are essential.


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