VIVOTEK unveils award-winning outdoor bullet network camera

VIVOTEK Launches Professional Award-winning Outdoor Bullet Network Camera IP8371E

VIVOTEK has officially launched its new outdoor bullet network camera, the IP8371E – the recipient of the IP Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei 2013.

With a 3-Megapixel CMOS sensor, the camera is capable of delivering 2048×1536 resolution video at 30 fps with superb image quality.

By prioritising the optimisation of video quality, VIVOTEK has designed the IP8371E with several advanced features, including a removable IR-cut filter, built-in 30-meter IR illuminators, WDR Enhancement technology and 3D noise reduction technology. Because of the removable IR-cut filter and WDR Enhancement, the camera is capable of capturing high quality video and identifying objects under changing lighting conditions around the clock. With the built-in 30 meter range IR illuminators, video in completely dark environments can be captured without external illumination. Equipped with 3D noise reduction technology and newly developed Smart Stream technology, IP8371E can reduce bandwidth from sensor noise when capturing clear and polished video under low light conditions, and optimize the resolution of a desired object or area to maximize bandwidth efficiency at the same time.

In order to simplify the installation process, VIVOTEK has designed the IP8371E with a P-iris lens, which controls the iris with extreme precision, as well as the Smart Focus System, which allows for remote focus and zoom adjustment via a built-in stepper motor. Other features, such as the IP67-rated housing for protecting the camera against rain and dust, and the wide temperature range for ensuring the operation under a multitude of harsh weather conditions, further fortify the reliability of IP8371E.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK’s executive vice-president, said: “We are pleased to officially present our professional outdoor bullet network camera IP8371E to our valued customers. Earlier this year, the outstanding performance of IP8371E was recognized by the IP Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei. Designed with several advanced technologies such as WDR Enhancement, 3D noise reduction, Smart Stream and Smart Focus System, IP8371E, without a doubt, is an ideal choice for dynamic outdoor applications.”

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