VIVOTEK releases six new network cameras with superior image processing capabilities

VIVOTEK Releases Six New Network Cameras with Superior Image Process CapabilitiesVIVOTEK demonstrated its commitment to image quality by announcing the launch of six new network cameras, IP8364-C, IP8337H-C, FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H, and FD8137HV. These cameras have been specifically designed for strong image processing capabilities for securing extremely high image quality.

IP8364-C and IP8337H-C are both bullet-style network cameras tailored for diverse outdoor applications. Both are encased in IP66-rated weather-proof housing that is resistant to rain and dust. In order to strengthen the robustness of the camera, the mounting bracket includes cable management, designed specifically for protecting the cable within the bracket. Featuring a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 20m, both cameras are able to adapt to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions and provide superior image quality around the clock. In addition, IP8337H-C comes especially equipped with WDR Pro technology, enabling unparalleled visibility in high contrast environments.

FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H, and FD8137HV are fixed dome network cameras that are designed for indoor applications. These four new fixed dome network cameras are all equipped with 3D Noise Reduction Technology, a feature that helps reduce bandwidth from sensor noise while capturing clear and polished video under low-light conditions. In addition, the removable IR-cut filter and improved IR illuminators, effective up to 15m, are also featured for excellent image quality in spite of challenging lighting conditions.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, indicated, “With the maturity of sensor technology, megapixel resolution has become the basic specification of network cameras. However, high resolution does not stand for image usability. When it comes to accidents, only usable images can support clear object identification. At VIVOTEK we have sophisticated R&D capability, we are strongly dedicated to optimizing image quality and high resolution development. With the removable IR-cut filter, improved IR illuminators, WDR Pro technology, and 3D Noise Reduction, our new line of cameras is the ideal option for users wanting the best image quality.”

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