VIVOTEK launches rack mountable 16-Channel Network Video Recorder NR8401

VIVOTEK Launches Rack Mountable 16-Channel Network Video Recorder NR8401VIVOTEK announced today the rack mountable 16-channel Linux embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR) NR8401, which operates independently from a PC, providing end-users with a stable and efficient recording system with a wide range of network management and system settings. The full range of VIVOTEK’s network cameras, including the latest high megapixel and fisheye models, works seamlessly with NR8401.

Different from the traditional DVR, an NVR can connect directly with other networked devices via the Internet. VIVOTEK’s NR8401, an enhanced version of previous NVR products, can not only directly connect with central management software as VIVOTEK’s VAST, but is also compatible with the iViewer application, allowing for remote access of the NR8401 on handheld devices. Real-time monitoring, recording and data management can be performed simultaneously via the simple and smooth web browser interface, and more uniquely, NR8401 is equipped with web console dewarp functionality, supporting the 1O, 1P & 1R dewarping modes for fisheye cameras.



In addition to the connectivity and easy accessibility, NR8401 is designed with several innovative features. With two gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports, NR8401 provides multiple network setting modes to avoid the risk of recording loss, including standalone mode, failover mode and load balance mode. For easier backup, a one-touch button is located directly on the front panel for users to backup or restore NVR configurations. The storage capacity of the NVR can be expanded to up to 12TB via 4 HDDs, and the unit supports RAID 0/1/5 applications for video data protection and mirroring. Designed with DI/DO functionality, external sensors or alarms can also be added for a fully realized security solution.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, indicated, “Today, we are pleased to launch our next generation network video recorder NR8401. Designed in a rack mount style housing, NR8401 is highly flexible and scalable for future system upgrades and installation expansion, making surveillance infrastructure fully- featured and robust. NR8401 is a product that is especially ideal for chain stores or small to medium size business applications.”

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