VIVOTEK launches miniature H.264 1-CH video server VS8100

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H.264 1-CH video server VS8100

VIVOTEK has unveiled its new miniature H.264 1-CH video server VS8100. Thanks to its compact size and power sharing feature the VS8100 is an optimal solution for front-end installations and discreet surveillance applications, including offices, banks, homes, retail stores, and city surveillance, enabling migration from an analog to digital surveillance system.

There has been an increase in demand for high resolution image quality as a result of the evolution of network technology, and IP cameras are the driving force behind the transformation of the security market. While the IP camera market is already expanding, the transition from analog will take time, especially with regards the existence of currently-installed legacy systems. VIVOTEK’s video servers act as a reliable, user-friendly facilitator for the transition from CCTV to IP-Based Surveillance. Through VIVOTEK’s video servers, data received from analog camera can be encoded by VIVOTEK’s self developed advanced codec system and broadcast via an IP network for monitoring and recording.

VIVOTEK VS8100’s compact size, no larger than that of a human finger, means that minimal footprint is required to deploy the technology in a variety of applications. The power sharing feature also makes installation easy by allowing the unit to share power with an existing 12V DC power supply from an analog camera. The high-performance H.264 compression format is able to reduce video file sizes, enabling bandwidth efficiency maximization and storage capacity optimization. In addition, by supporting multiple simultaneous streams, the video streams can be transmitted in either H.264 or MJPEG formats for versatile applications. Together with the ST7501 multi-lingual 32-channel recording software, an IP surveillance system can be set up with minimal difficulty.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, indicated, “In the past decade, we have witnessed a revolution in the video surveillance industry. With the increasing maturity of IP technology and the increasing readiness of new infrastructure, end users’ behavior has drastically changed, which has overwhelmingly driven the market towards the evolution of new technology. Despite the development of IP surveillance products, the transformation from existing analog legacy systems to IP in the marketplace will not happen overnight. However, users with analog systems who wish to take advantage of the scalability and functionality that IP cameras are equipped with can use our new video server, VS8100, which is an ideal stepping stone to IP surveillance.”

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