Vivotek launches expert certificate program for distributors and system integrators

Vivotek has announced the launch of the Vivotek Expert Certificate Program (VEC), which is available exclusively to official Vivotek distributors and system integrators, aiming at cultivating experts in products, solutions and technology. The program is rolling out globally, starting from March.

Viewing on the increasingly competitive security solutions market, Vivotek believes that just offering superior products is insufficient. A thorough understanding of products and the company behind them, drawing on this understanding to compellingly demonstrate the benefits for customers, is crucial to the business growth and sustainability. Vivotek , hereby, with great supports and assistance of local partners, had a dedicated team organizing the program.

The program consists of a two- or three-day workshop. Material covered in the workshop includes a comprehensive and detailed introduction of all the features and functions of Vivotek cameras, as well as discussion of the technologies, the benefits, and the applications of Vivotek cameras. In addition, the VEC program also enables participants to better understand the Vivotek brand spirit and company objectives, while also facilitating exchanges of first-hand experience and the latest market intelligence among participants. The VEC program provides such expertise, enabling Vivotek distributors and system integrators to more effectively sell and support Vivotek solutions.

Steve Ma, Vivotek’s Executive VP, stated: “Maintaining a trustworthy and close relationship with our partners is the core philosophy of Vivotek . Our business success will be achieved together with our partners. The VEC program, especially designed for the cultivation of Vivotek experts, is to be the stepping stone for Vivotek and our partners worldwide to the next business peak!”


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