VIVOTEK keeps travellers safe while dining at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia‘s top travel destinations, possessing an extensive range of attractions and activities that cater for the cosmopolitan shopper, culture enthusiast, history buff and nature lover. The airport is always filled with travellers. The constant flock of tourists has kept the businesses in the airport thriving, yet at the same time, brings various safety concerns to the owners and the airport authorities. Sushi2Go, located at one of the terminals inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport, recently experienced a surveillance system setup. The solution and the equipment were provided by VIVOTEK and Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd, distributor of VIVOTEK in Malaysia.

There are several terminals within the Kuala Lumpur International Airport: Main Terminal and a contact pier, Satellite Terminal A, Low Cost Carrier Terminal and KL City Air Terminal. Sushi2Go sits on the shop lot situated in the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). LLCT is a project specifically designed and built to accommodate the high growth of passenger movements for the Low Cost Airlines.

Sushi2Go is a Japanese fast food restaurant specializing in sushi take-out services, in particular for busy travelers who are always on the go. According to Steve Chow, Sales Manager of Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd, the owner of Sushi2Go was in the process of developing business strategies to enhance his business and improve sales performances. Security cameras could not only help track the traffic flow and the general surroundings of his store but also maintain quality control for better customer services. Most importantly, they play a vital role in combating criminal activities, such as internal as well as external thefts, robberies, vandalism and other incidents resulting in inventory shrinkage.


Though it was the first time for the owner of Sushi2Go to deploy a surveillance system for his store, he was well aware of the benefits and importance of high-megapixel and high-definition of a camera. He approached the experts from Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd for their expertise and consultation on the system design and implementation process with the layout plan of the store. After reviewing comparisons between analog cameras and network-based high-megapixel cameras, the owner of Sushi2Go chose VIVOTEK IP8132 as the monitoring device.

VIVOTEK IP8132 is an ideal solution for indoor surveillance as it tends to blend in well with the interior design. This compact, elegant model thus becomes a favourite of many system integrators, particularly for installation against the wall. With adjustable mounting brackets, the IP8132 can be easily installed at various spots, corners, angles and other tight spaces on the premise. Such feature is predominantly prevalent in the retail vertical market because the end-user often needs to supervise multiple areas, such as the office, the storage, the push-carts, the entry point, each of the kiosks, each of the cash registers, each of the line-ups and many more. A User-friendly, hassle-free installation process facilitates the possibility of having such demands met because the installers can mount the camera practically anywhere on site.

Other considerations which prompted the store owner to go with VIVOTEK IP8132 included the price, the performance, the image quality and the ability for off-site monitoring. According to Steve, the owner was very happy with the total package offered by VIVOTEK. First of all, the IP8132 was extremely cost-effective. Not only was it well priced, it was equipped with more advanced features than any retail end-user could bargain for – 1-Megapixel sensor, viewing resolution of 1280×800 at 30 frames per second (fps), tamper detection, multiple streams, bandwidth saving functions, privacy button to pause monitoring and much more. The store owner was also satisfied with the 32-channel recording software that came with the camera. With VIVOTEK iViewer, he was able to view and access footages real time via his smart phone or tablet. Such remote monitoring is important to him as well as many retail owners as they are sometimes physically away from the store.

Customer Feedback

According to Hughie Dang, Senior Sales Executive of Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd, the store owner has seen better performances from his staff and the quality of the services has also improved as the result. The owner is most pleased with the enhanced safety for his store as well as his customers, who could enjoy their sushi meals without having to worry anything – other than the time of boarding, of course.

Furthermore, Shauki Ahmad, System Integrator at Blitzen Engineering and Automation, who worked closely with VIVOTEK and Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd on this project, expressed strong interests in recommending VIVOTEK cameras to owners of other locations of Sushi2Go as he was extremely impressed with the products and the professionalism presented by the team of experts, who had been supportive in assisting the user with inquiries, feedback as well as warranty issues with the products. “With such great success following the retail application at Sushi2Go, we will be looking forward to working more closely with VIVOTEK to build a stronger business relationship to increase the market share and publicity of the brand in the surveillance market throughout Malaysia and surrounding regions,” said Ahmad.


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