VIVOTEK and Milestone continue to collaborate

Milestone & Vivotek
Milestone & Vivotek

Milestone & Vivotek

VIVOTEK and Milestone Systems have collaborated extensively over the first half year of 2012 and will continue to invest in strategic channel cooperation.

Up to today, VIVOTEK has participated in seven sessions of Milestone Partner Open Platform (MPOP) Days, ranging from France to Russia and Spain to Denmark. VIVOTEK will be present for additional upcoming MPOP events, including Turkey, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

“VIVOTEK is well known for the comprehensive range of high-performance network cameras and MPOP is the perfect platform for us to demonstrate how various models seamlessly integrate into the Milestone platform – offering users numerous benefits and versatilities,” said William Ku, Director of Brand Business at VIVOTEK.

Not only have VIVOTEK and Milestone Systems tightened their cooperation in channel marketing, they also actively join forces on the technical implementation front. A great number of recent surveillance projects around the globe have deployed solutions and products from both brands. Some of the recent installations where products from VIVOTEK and Milestone are deployed together include a shopping mall in Costa Rica, banks in Madagascar, retail chain stores in France and more.

“We’ve enjoyed a strong engagement with Milestone for an extensive period of time and will continue to foster business communication and strengthen technical integrations so our cameras are much more prevalent in Milestone installations,” Ku added.

“Milestone and VIVOTEK also presented a joint symposium during the Dubai Intersec show where we highlighted the importance of strong partner collaborations for wider choices through open platform technology: its flexibility expands and integrates to manage needs for both now and later,” says Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, Head of Strategic Alliances at Milestone Systems.

A Thailand event in Bangkok was the latest in a series of such mutual commitments. The next MPOP days will take place in Australia in November, where VIVOTEK will be in attendance as well.

For models of VIVOTEK cameras that have been integrated with Milestone platforms, please visit Download on the VIVOTEK website or the Milestone Supported Hardware page of the Milestone website. In addition, the majority of the network cameras supplied by VIVOTEK are compatible with the ONVIF standard for open interoperability.


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