Visual Verification’s control room utilises Adpro’s FastTrace 2

Visual Verification Monitoring Services
Visual Verification Monitoring Services

Visual Verification Monitoring Services

Industry leading control room adds the latest offering in transmission, recording and analytics…

Adpro’s latest transmission unit, the FastTrace 2, is now fully integrated into Visual Verification’s ACS approved Control Room using the bespoke receiving software Video Central Platinum.

The FastTrace 2 future-proofs clients’ systems and offers enhanced security, high performance and hybrid technology. In addition, the unit is capable of video and audio transmission/recording of both analogue and IP cameras. The system has already demonstrated success, most notably enabling Visual’s control room staff to claim the first arrest in the world using the new equipment:

“Adpro and Visual Verification have a long-standing and healthy relationship dating back over 12 years and this integration is just the latest stage of our partnership. The FastTrace 2 is performing very well and the immediate success we have had with the system is testament to both our staff and the expertise and performance of the new Adpro unit” says Chris Connors, Sales & Marketing Manager. “The FastTrace 2 fits comfortably into the Visual platform, and features such as the inbuilt content analytics and the free iPhone app are exceeding end user expectations.”

This latest development complements Visual’s current portfolio which also includes alarm monitoring, vehicle tracking, check call services and low-level crime reporting. If you are interested in the services of Visual Verification please use the contact details below.


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