Visonic announces integration of AlarmView with PowerMaster

Visonic PM-30 alarm system
Visonic PM-30 alarm system

Visonic PM-30 alarm system

Visonic, a brand of Tyco Security Products, and a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, today announced the full integration of AlarmView from Run My Security with Visonic’s PowerMaster family of intrusion alarm systems.

AlarmView is a security service in the new segment that fits between self-monitoring and a traditional monitoring service. It supports most daily user security system functions, such as arming/disarming, initiating a guard response, fire and panic alarms, controlling home appliances and reviewing system status, enabling users to operate the various functions from the convenience of their smartphone. As a secure service with full redundancy running on a state-of-the-art technology platform, AlarmView is available for iPhone and Android, and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

AlarmView now works with Visonic’s IFSEC award-winning PowerMaster-30 G2 and PowerMaster-10 G2 alarm systems. PowerMaster-10 G2 is designed for residential properties; PowerMaster-30 G2, with two-way voice communication and prompts, meets the security needs of larger residential and mid-size business premises.

With wireless, battery-powered RealAlarm camera detectors, PowerMaster systems provide image capture at the actual moment of alarm detection. The unique Instant Capture feature and close integration of cameras into the alarm system guarantee snapshots of even fast-moving intruders and overcome the technical limitations of other systems on market.

“Full integration with Run My Security´s platform and its AlarmView service gives home and small business owners more flexible access to manage their security system,” commented Warren Brown, VP  Product Management  at Tyco Security Products. “The AlarmView smartphone app puts security and safety at the fingertips of users, making security as accessible and simple as other smartphone and web applications.In combination with PowerMaster’s picture verification and best-in-class wireless communication , the new service is a big leap forward for the security market.”

”With Visonic’s PowerMaster and Run My Security´s AlarmView, users get a more effective security system and are more in control,” commented Niklas Halldén, CEO at Run My Security. “Visual verification of alarm events lets users be on top of each alarm event and involved in the response. Moreover, with fewer false alarms, police and emergency services can direct their resources to where they are truly needed.”


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